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As for exercise:
a) have you asked your PT people for suggestions? Upper body weight lifting, and eventually swimming will probably be good choices once you are cleared for them.

b)Have you checked out the Seated Cardio Videos here on Spark? I've done them several times, (as I was prepping for the aftermath of foot surgery). I did find on some of the moves that I had to be careful not to put pressure on my foot to help stabilize me, so you would need to watch that probably. Perhaps you could get the PT folks to take a look and see if they'd be appropriate in your situation!

Take it slow and easy....get it healed right the first time is the most important thing!! In the meantime, you can focus mostly on getting your diet in control, so you are just maintaining your weight rather than gaining. Best of Luck!!

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I am new to sparkpeople and am desperate for help! I had a hysterectomy back in November and as soon as I was almost recovered I had to have emergency ankle surgery. I have not exercised since sometime back in September or October of last year and to be honest I have really gained weight. I am getting so disgusted with myself because I have gained so much weight just sitting around recovering. I bought a really nice elliptical machine and it is in my living room so that I can use it as soon as the doctor says I can but until then I need to start doing something. I am out of my cast and in a walking boot doing physical therapy, but they do not want me to be on my feet too much due to swelling in my ankle. Anyone have suggestions on anything I can do to start getting in shape? I have a WII and I heard that the WII has exercise games type videos that you use a balance board with that are low impact but not sure what games to get. Any suggestion? Thanks for any suggestions anyone might have.

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