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9/8/11 2:02 P

I am actually losing!!! To date I have lost 17lbs since July 15th. yippie

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TREKPURRSON SparkPoints: (66,328)
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9/8/11 1:09 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon
After years of gaining back and Yo-yo-ing, in 10days SP has helped me to lose 6.5 pounds! emoticon You are all emoticon and I could not do it alone!!! emoticon for now and have a emoticon tomorrow!--Robyn (aka Trekpurrson) emoticon

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9/8/11 8:12 A

while living on the road with very little funds, some Baby Steps seem to be more difficult to achieve and far more appreciated when the opportunity arises...

Fresh Fruit for Breakfast! mmmm :-)

Baby Step with us, the Baby Steppers Spark Team ...

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9/4/11 8:59 A

Baby Steps may seem small and insignificant, but they do add up to success! Lots of awesome Baby Stepping posted here! Way to go, everyone!!! Keep going and next thing you know, your Baby Steps will have turned into giant steps!!!

This is a BIG deal after having lived on the road for the past two and a half days - I have some groceries in our motel room. No more greasy fast food for a few days! Space and cooking abilities are very limited and forget washing any dishes. I got some cans of soup and pasta that can be microwaved, Nature Valley peanut butter granola bars - about as healthy as granola bars can get, probiotic drinks, fruit juice, bottles of water, some baby carrots, small cans of tuna, etc and lots of water bottles. If we go back into town, I'll try to find other ways to get more veggies. :-)

9/1/11 4:12 A

I've been beating myself up a bit for not getting into my physical activity as I should.. cos I promised myself I would. Reading about baby steps.. got me thinking..

I have managed to cut out alot of starches (bread, pasta, white rice etc) and got tons more veggies in my diet for thw past two weeks.

SO that baby-step is HUGE for me & my nutritious goals.

GMEISSNE1 Posts: 122
8/31/11 10:54 P

not gaining in and of itself is a victory! ANY loss is a celebration!

GMEISSNE1 Posts: 122
8/31/11 10:53 P

I lost 3 lbs in the last 5 days! I am SO happy! I needed a little boost today!

SBEEGHLY Posts: 469
8/31/11 10:05 P

way to go.. congrats for the small victories.. emoticon emoticon resisting dove chocolates that where free is a major in my book..

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8/31/11 5:48 P

Had a loooong and stressful day at work but didn't reach for the Dove chocolates at our receptionist's desk and didn't eat the candy and other snacks at a meeting I was just at, even though I was hungry. Instead, had a light early dinner with a glass of half chocolate milk half plain 1% milk to hit the chocolate craving. Small victories!

SBEEGHLY Posts: 469
8/31/11 5:24 P

Somedays progress is slow, but sounds like you made great progress even though the scale may only have shown a little.. sometimes as you gain muscle and tone your body the scale will not move much or at all. so keep up the great work you are getting close to your goal.

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8/31/11 4:59 A

0.2lbs lost this week. But the celebration is I'm not angry at myself or telling myself how awful I did. I'm happy I lost anything and am learning to be happier with myself. I also walked my dogs 5 out of 6 work days for an hour around the neighborhood. (Usually I cop out after 3 or 4 days.)

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8/30/11 6:17 A

I can't believe it's been five days since I've posted here! I have been SO busy, doing baby steps to the point of getting the pick up truck nearly fully loaded. I can't even imagine how many boxes it took to do it, yet there's still room for more and I'd like to get it packed solidly so there's no room for things to move around. By the end of the day, it's all I can do to get to bed. I also worked an afternoon shift, Friday and a day shift yesterday. I'm not working today or tomorrow as I just have too much left to do and too little time.

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8/25/11 6:25 A

Might have actually gotten 8 hrs sleep last night!! Woohoo and I sure needed it. It's been a very long time since I've slept so well. Thunderstorm at bedtime helped a lot!!! :-D

Baby Steppers Spark Team:

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8/24/11 11:50 A

emoticon reached exercise goal for today....YES!!!

DONNAKOVAC SparkPoints: (39,303)
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8/24/11 5:10 A

Between yesterday and today (and yes, it's only 5:08am), sorted and repacked 16 boxes.

I've been unable to sleep since about 1am. That's going to really hurt after an 8 hr shift doing mindless quality control work.

8/23/11 10:55 P

Baby step to help my return after a brief fall from SP: post something positive on SP at least once each day.


MZ_SHAMMY SparkPoints: (0)
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8/23/11 7:46 P

baby steps for today i worked out and ate healthy i am proud of myself :-) and it wasnt so hard to do i know i can keep it up :-) 2 weeks to go til im past the fast break stage

POUNCERMOM SparkPoints: (0)
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8/23/11 11:57 A

Made it through the first 24 hours!

DRS510 Posts: 2,219
8/22/11 10:28 P

Walked and worked out today - it was almost 100, got to 97 today!

AMYGOES211 Posts: 304
8/22/11 9:53 P

I took some healthy food to work today and left it in the fridge so I can have healthy snacks all week long!

SBEEGHLY Posts: 469
8/22/11 9:44 P

measured my food and weighed my snacks for the past made it to 10 on the elliptical.

DONNAKOVAC SparkPoints: (39,303)
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8/22/11 8:40 P

did some dishes before having to be at work at 7am!

NOMETHA Posts: 1,291
8/21/11 10:06 P

3.51 miles on the treadmill emoticon

DRS510 Posts: 2,219
8/21/11 8:46 P

I am craving less carbs!

BIGMOMMA989 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/20/11 8:32 P

So far I have made it through day one of liquids!!!

DONNAKOVAC SparkPoints: (39,303)
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8/20/11 7:16 P

DONE: A sink load of dishes!!!

8/20/11 3:35 P

Hi you look so wonderful go back and do what was working

KIERNAN19 Posts: 86
8/20/11 3:04 P

I gained 5 lbs over the past month of parties and vacations... but my baby step back was starting to track my food, getting to the grocery store on my lunchbreak so I could have healthy food in the house, and starting the couch to 5k running plan today! I'm gonna ignore those pounds and just keep doing what worked for me in the past!

8/20/11 11:41 A

Gained 10 pounds of 40 pound weight loss, baby steps it restates here. I lost 40 pounds by making mini goals. Gained 10 by letting my whole life get out of control. Reclaiming my power emoticon emoticon

SHIROIHANA Posts: 2,036
8/20/11 11:20 A

Here is a baby step: I am glad that I didn't binge last night, a Friday night.

DRS510 Posts: 2,219
8/19/11 9:23 A

Within a pound of my goal!

DONNAKOVAC SparkPoints: (39,303)
Fitness Minutes: (44,996)
Posts: 867
8/19/11 6:34 A

I haven't tried Zumba, yet, but hope to, probably after we move! LOL

DONE: loaded van with thrift store donations :-D which reminds me to grab stuff for the food bank as well.

NOMETHA Posts: 1,291
8/18/11 9:14 P

Finished a ZUMBA class emoticon It was so much fun!

AWESOMEIN12 Posts: 229
8/18/11 12:32 P

Oh! I forgot to add my baby steps to this topic - oops!

no more 3c splenda-sweetened coffees with 2TB of cream in the morning and evening
8 c of water daily
4-mile walks 7 days a week (averaging 51-min miles. goal is to average 50-min miles)
strength training 3 days a week
and consistently staying in my daily ranges for carbs (almost always low)
and fats (almost always high)

AWESOMEIN12 Posts: 229
8/18/11 12:27 P

Yensen - AWESOME! I find it so amazing to discover through tracking just how many calories a person is consuming daily, like through your coffee with creamer. It BLOWS me away continually and forces me to make changes that result in those pounds OFF! I really am so GLAD for YOU! Good job!

COPE782 Posts: 549
8/18/11 12:05 P

I'm finding peace and serenity through yoga practice.

DONNAKOVAC SparkPoints: (39,303)
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Posts: 867
8/18/11 7:58 A

Woohoo, lots of great baby steps posted! WTG, everyone!

DONE: delivered 1 large & 1 small boxes of yarn to neighbour who will use it to make hats for kids who need them! :-D 2 less boxes to pack on the truck in 13 days or less! :-D Yarn is not wasted and goes for a good cause. :-D

MCCLOUGM SparkPoints: (0)
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8/17/11 11:13 P

I'm into my second week and I've come here every single day.

NOMETHA Posts: 1,291
8/17/11 10:39 P

Stayed within calorie range and drank 8+ glasses of water

KAM5430 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/16/11 6:55 P

Drank 4+ glasses of water today and walked 2+ miles!!!

AMITIEL1 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 8
8/16/11 9:53 A

Made it through my first full day staying ON PLAN!

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YENSEN Posts: 116
8/16/11 8:35 A

M baby steps

track calories daily
drink water
no fast food, chiops or coffee creamer
1 month with no coffee creamer that was packing on the pounds
Lost 14 pounds this past month with these changes emoticon

KOREENREGIS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (45,551)
Posts: 1,737
8/16/11 7:45 A

Eat more veggies.
Go more places with the kids(time)
Drink more water.

DONNAKOVAC SparkPoints: (39,303)
Fitness Minutes: (44,996)
Posts: 867
8/16/11 7:25 A

Done: made a headache-free breakfast (no allergens)

Skinless boneless chicken breast with sour dough spelt bread

It will keep me alive through three hours of school today!

DONNAKOVAC SparkPoints: (39,303)
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8/15/11 7:04 A


DONNAKOVAC SparkPoints: (39,303)
Fitness Minutes: (44,996)
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8/13/11 9:34 P


survived school!
walked a mile (almost 7)
finished Steve's blanket (it only took 19 years!)
am ready for Steve's birthday tomorrow
might have had one bottle (two cups) of water !
there might have been something else, but I'm too tired to remember what.

I aced my circle and cab check today! Woohoo! It doesn't count until Wednesday, though!

oh, one more baby step - gave an entire box of craft items to neighbours! :-D

DONNAKOVAC SparkPoints: (39,303)
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Posts: 867
8/12/11 12:56 P

First three DONE: healthy breakfast, healthy lunch and brought boxes in from van. Yay!

4: I didn't get the crisper done, yesterday and now the other one is empty, too. To clean TWO crisper drawers! :-D

5: to play my pipes (didn't do that yesterday, either, so priority moves up a notch)

6: to drink a WHOLE bottle of water - yesterday was another epic fail there. :p This is why I need baby steps!

7: to wash a whole load of dishes before the day is over. (because I need to)

8. to pack something in at least one of those boxes that I brought in. contents yet to be determined. We only have two weeks left and I could have to leave in one week! eeek!

9. to walk/run a mile.

8/11/11 12:28 P

Baby steps:

Take my vitamin daily
Plan for the next days main meal ahead of time


MEMEME75 Posts: 658
8/11/11 9:55 A

My baby steps:

Make sure I am drinking 64 oz of water a day.
Count calories every day and stay within my alloted range.
Cardio for 30 minutes at least 4 times per week (with the goal of working up to 60 minutes 5 times per week).
Stay accountable to myself.

DONNAKOVAC SparkPoints: (39,303)
Fitness Minutes: (44,996)
Posts: 867
8/11/11 9:24 A

Whether just getting started or restarted, recovering from an illness, injury or pregnancy, trying to overcome procrastination or hectic life, everyone needs to take baby steps from time to time. No more hiding in the shadows! Baby steps lead to giant steps eventually, so let's be proud as we get started! Even baby steppers need accountability and encouragement. Baby steps are better than no steps, so let's do it! Whether you want to post baby steps of fitness activity, nutritional goals, or anything to do with life in general; if you need a place to share your accomplishment, it's here!

My baby step goals for today:
(yes, they're small):

-drink one bottle of water today
-do at least one SP strength training exercise set (and some stretching!) DONE!
-drive in circles (need to do for school and I need to do it today!) DONE!
-walk/run one mile
-clean out one crisper from the fridge
-create three new pages on my website
-earn 25 Spark Points! :-) DONE!
-use up any good strawberries that are left - and the chili - waste not, want not. DONE!
-start a new SP team - Baby Steppers - DONE! :-)
-play my pipes
-verify credit card balances, pay off weekly $7 more than minimum "payment due" on one card for debt reduction DONE!

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