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5/25/13 9:08 A

Thanks for the input guys. I did enjoy the 10k and have been enjoying running. I do have another goal but Oct is so far away. I think I just needed some people around me to re-motivate me. Having gone to Parkrun again this week and seeing familiar faces. That and some sunshine :)

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5/24/13 3:25 P

My first question to you would be, did you enjoy the 10k? Do you enjoy running? If not, now would be a good opportunity to dabble in other activities to see what you do enjoy. If you love running and the race, start planning your next race. How many races do you want to do? How far are you willing to travel? Start making plans. Some runner friends of mine tell me that they plan out their running schedule about a year in advance, so they always have something to train for. You can train for distance and/or speed. Goals are everything.

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5/24/13 12:49 P


Congratulations on completing a 10k - what a great thing for you!!!

Here is the closest thing I could find in our resources to help.

Sounds like you may want to create a new goal for yourself. You can do anything you put your mind to!!

Be well,

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5/23/13 5:26 P

Hi all,

After my 10k on Saturday I've felt really low and unmotivated. I took a couple days off to recuperate and now I am having trouble regaining my motivation and verve. I've heard of post race blues but I feel sluggish as well as really down. Any tips on changing that - you know beyond just sucking it up and getting back out there as both my runs this week haven't done the trick.

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