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9/1/13 10:07 P

Since I started, I've lost 4" from my waist. While I don't really have a way to measure my "apron" I can tell that it is changing. It is no longer as wide. It is now more central and I think a little higher. In talking with my doc and reading on sparks, I would just say to keep working out, keep losing, strength train your core and take care of your skin -- moisturize and stay hydrated.

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8/31/13 9:14 A

Well, I lost over 40 pounds, putting me into the middle of a normal BMI range, and the belly is pretty much gone. Toned? No, because I haven't done the strength training necessary to build very much muscle there. So between that and the normal amount of body fat that remains, I do still have flab. But not very much. I don't have that much of a waist because of how I'm built (very straight shoulders to hips, always have been), but there's no belly worth worrying about (unless you're a body perfectionist, which I'm not). You can do it!

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8/30/13 2:22 P

Thanks a lot. I do the 30 Day Shred. The first time doing it was for a total of 7 days and had great results. The scale was a issue for me. Last night I did some workouts from the shred that doesn't require the jumping jacks, jump rope, and kick backs. My stomach has gone down some from looking like I was still pregnant, with these exercises my apron looks a little smaller but I want to be almost gone. I am in need of losing alot of weight.

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8/30/13 12:45 P

NEEDTOLOSE46- Have you thought about trying swimming or water aerobics? Working out in the water will put less stress on your joints. I've also heard biking is good for most people with joint pain.

As far as the mommy apron- Mine's bad. My first time on Spark I was very successful and at my smallest it was way better. Not perfect- and you'll never find me in a bikini, but I was able to wear anything I wanted besides a bikini and it looked smooth and flat, so it was just me and my husband that knew it was still there :) I'm hoping that now that I'm tackling the weight gain from my last pregnancy it'll look as good as it did last time.
You can't spot lose fat from an area-but I do think making sure you do an abdominal strength workout one or twice a week helps a lot! Having those core muscles toned will make the midsection look better even if you do keep a little of the mommy apron. I really like Coach Nicole's pilates abs workout.

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8/29/13 11:22 P

I really need help with guiding me on the weight loss journey. I hear about the success stories and really would like to be a success story too. When I workout I have trouble with hip, ankle, leg, and knee pain. So I really have to be careful at what I do. But if become obsessed in the moment I disregard the pain and keep going. I need so help bad and fast. Any advice will be accepted.


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4/27/13 10:31 A

As far as the mother's apron goes. I know and accept it is something I will always have but it has shrunk signficantly. Easy to hide under clothing and I may even get away with wearing a high rise bikini with a little ruffling. I still have a bit of a pooch but from the front my stomach looks pretty flat and my abs/obliques show some definition especially when I flex. However, when I turn to the side I have a bit of a belly.

I've begun to switch to maintenance and have been eating more. I have also been burning more calories since the spring has arrived (not sure if that has anything to do with it). I've also finally learned how to do my core exercises properly and have really been using my abs to work. With these recent changes I have noticed a lot more improvement to my stomach. It seems to be a bit flatter even though I'm up a few pounds since a month ago and I have definitely noticed a huge improvement in strength and firmness.

I kind of thought that it wouldn't be until I was in maintenance mode (and eating more) that the real improvements from my strength training would start taking place. I'm really *really* trying to care less about the scale and use the mirror as my guide.

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4/27/13 9:40 A


I've gone from a pant size 20 to an 8.
Shirt size XL to M
I'm off blood pressure medicine.
My doctor has given me gold stars my last two physicals.
The most compliments I got was after I incorporated Strength Training into my routine
(heavy weights/low and slow reps using compound movements) because I started to lose inches even thought the scale showed an up swing.

I got there with diet and exercise.
And more importantly I lost the weight at a slow pace.
If you go by the scale alone it doesn't tell the whole story.
The goal should be to lose fat and maintain the muscle you have.

So my encouragement is...
Make better choices with your nutrition.
Know what you consume and know what you burn.
Be more active
Keep striving toward your goal, make it forefront in every decision you make.
Smile and enjoy the journey - you're making a better life for you and your family.

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4/27/13 7:17 A

Thank you Terri and Heather...I needed to hear it "could" be done. I don't expect perfections but I wish for toned and lean and not looking pregnant.

I will check out your pages. emoticon

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4/26/13 10:03 P

Go ahead and check out my sparks page. I lost 60 lbs. I also lost most of my tummy. So yes it can be done......with eating a healthy diet of lean meats, veggies, fruits, whole grains and good fats. Cardio will help you lean out too. Good luck.

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4/26/13 9:18 P

The unfortunate truth is that there is no way to get rid of the apron,not directly. The reason for this is because fat loss is a total body process.

I'm not going to lie to you and say that you're going to probably have your pre-pregnancy body back. the fact is, having babies changes you! you may always have a little fat around the middle, but don't fear... you won't always look pregnant! I've lost about 30 lbs, and I'm seeing some difference (look on my Sparkpage for pictures.)

As you continue to lose weight, and lose fat overall, you'll lose the belly, but where it comes off first is largely about genetics, rather than the exercises you do or the specific foods you eat.

Keep at it, and it WILL get better. I promise, you can't lose 40 lbs and have nothing happen!

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4/26/13 7:35 P

I feel discouraged and just need to hear some success stories...I just need to know that someone else was like me and diet and exercise (not surgery), toned their body.

I am 40 lbs overweight and still look pregnant. My little one is one year old. She was a c-section.

My belly makes clothes uncomfortable...

So..Who has been there, what did you that made a difference?


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