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2/14/11 1:36 P

Thanks! This explains why I was so hungry last week, lol.

2/13/11 1:36 P

That is for DRY lentils based on the nutrition information.

These beans will expand, close to 3-4 times. You will probably then eat about a 1/2 cup to 1 cup portion. I would use the SP info for cooked lentils---I think it will be a close estimate.
Dietitian Becky

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2/12/11 8:21 P

These are called "green gram", a type of lentil I got from an Indian market. Per 100g serving:
385 calories
5g fat
65g carb
20g dietary fiber
3g sugar
20g protein

I've been eating it all week, and wondering if I measured it right. I've been really hungry.

Thanks, Amy

2/12/11 4:59 P

What does it give as the calorie amount for the 100 gram portion??

A standard portion of cooked beans is 1/2 cup or about 100 grams.

dietitian Becky

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2/12/11 4:46 P

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to cook my own beans instead of eating the canned kind. The bag says a portion is 100grams. Is that a dried weight or the cooked weight?

Thanks, Amy

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