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1/12/12 11:54 A

I've lost over 50 lbs in 10 months all because I comply with and record potion size for each meal.

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1/11/12 7:39 P

You must be very clear that PORTIONS are not the same thing as SERVINGS. For example, a serving of rice is 1/2 cup - but who eats that little? Usually I eat a cup of rice at a time, so I'm eating 2 servings at one time. Took me awhile to get my head around this stuff, so don't get discouraged!

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1/9/12 6:57 P

I have a heard that it is about as big as your fist...I use that when I am really not sure

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1/5/12 3:07 P

This article has some helpful tips on portion sizes:

Coach Denise

1/5/12 8:31 A

How/What's the best way to determine portion sizes? I know a scale is probably best, but I can't tote one around. For example, how do you determine ounces for meats and such. Most things are easy to determine based off their Nutriton Facts, can someone point me in the right direction?

I've been tracking my foods everyday, but wante to be more accurate with the portion sizes.

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