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10/8/11 4:39 P

Welcome to SP. You will find this a great place to get the information and support you need to make positive changes in your life to last a lifetime.

Set up your goals and start tracking your food and fitness.

Track your food before you eat it and study the nutritional report every day to learn how to make better food choices and get the right balance of your nutritional elements. This is extremely valuable as you will learn to eat healthy and you will find out how much your portions are costing you and you will want to trim them back.

Walk every day.
Join teams with the same interests you have and get involved.
These few things will surely spark you on to a better life.
Enjoy and good luck.

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10/8/11 8:41 A

emoticon We're glad you're here.
Use the site daily and be consistent with your food tracking and exercise.
Read the articles for information. Read member blogs for motivation and encouragement.

Good luck!

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10/8/11 7:26 A

Hey Thanks, Physicallyfit,

That's a good tip. More protein, fewer carbs. I have 2 grown up kids too. I am afraid I made them finish everything they had on their plate too but I don't think I was quite as heavy as my parents were on me. Atleast, I hope not!

Love Alex

MRE1956 Posts: 9,360
10/8/11 7:25 A

Smaller plates/cups/utensils is a technique I've heard about - you may want to try that.....

emoticon to SP and best wishes!

10/8/11 4:16 A

Yeah, my mom made me and my siblings eat everything on our plate. It was to the point where she served us boiled spinach. I really detested that food as a child. My older brother and I refused to eat it. She served that same plate of food to use for three days, three times a day. After she realized we hated that food that much she finally threw it out and let us eat something else. I have learned from this experience. If my kids don't like something, I watch how they react after trying it a few times. If they truly don't like it I never force them to eat it. Now, if you are used to eating all your food on your plate, and you get yourself a smaller plate, that could help. BUt you have to watch out that you don't just pile on the same amount of food that you would if it were a bigger plate. The best thing to do is to give yourself less carbs, more protein and veggies. Don't eat more than your open hand. with protein, your fist. emoticon

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10/8/11 2:55 A

Hi Everyone,

How do yo ubreak the habits of a lifetime? My parents aways made us finish everything on our plates. Even at the convent I went to as a little girl I remember the nuns making me sit infront of a plate of congealing cabbage and butter until I had forced it down. I justy can't leave stuff on a plate.Get smaller plates perhaps?

Keep it up everyone, Alex emoticon

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