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I don't know of any mp3 players that do this. However, if you have an ipod touch or iphone; on itunes, there are APPs that allow a person to change the tempo of songs. One I know is called Tempo Magic. There used to be a free version called Tempo Lite. I don't think they have that anymore. the full version was around $4.99. I'm sure there are other APPs out there if you check itunes or even the Android market place.

But yes, you'd at least need an ipod touch, iphone, Android device or one of the other smart phones to download the APPs to change your music.

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Have never heard of such a thing. I would simply get the Audiocity software then and use that with any regular mp3 player. Set up playlists so you have the speeds you want when you want them for your own timings.

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I am interested in getting a portable mp3 player to use for exercise where you can change the speed of the music without changing the pitch. Is there such a thing? I know there is open source software like Audiocity where you can change the tempo of song without hanging the pitch then save the changes you've made, and then put it on an mp3 player. it woud be great if you could actually change the tempo of the playback right on the mp3 player while you are working out.

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