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5/2/09 9:57 P

It's the champagne talking! So I get this party of bubbles too after most walks and then notice when sitting down. maybe I ended the activity too quickly. I don't recall having this feeling after step aerobics class and then on the stretch mat or back in my car. But sure do now. So I searched other online boards and this is what I lifted - but I don't know what is the final answer.

It's a your muscles releasing the lactic acid build up your muscles create during a work out.

I always thought it was simply increased blood flow through the large leg arteries, but that is just a guess. It is odd how it seems to have no correlation to how hard I've been working out or how exhausted I am I get it from a long walk, but not a hard as I can go aerobics class. Weird.

I spoke to a district nurse last week about this and she said it is air trapped in the tissues of the skin!

Spoke to a district nurse the other day and was told the same thing (air trapped under the tissues). Can be due to stress on muscles, joints etc!

Actually, it is your nerves still firing and making your muscles twitch after strenous exercise, especially after intense aerobic exercise. These muscle twitches are known as fasiculations, which are a small, local, involuntary muscle contractions visible under the skin arising from the spontaneous discharge of skeletal muscle fibers. Fasiculations can be caused by certain motor diseases but are more commonly caused by electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, stress and fatigue. Fasiculations are a normal body response to abrupt changes in activity levels such as running for 30 mins. and then suddenly ending the activity. Their intensity is heightened when it has been awhile between exercising routines.

Sorry for the miss spelling, the proper spelling is "Fasciculations," just incase you want to look more into the topic.

After the exercise the power of contraction of every heart beat increases it opens the miniature capillaries or blood vessels in the periphery as well as increases blood flow to the nerves in the peripheral part of the limb.Expansion of these capillaries & increased blood flow which is good for your health is making you feel like this.A good article concerning with the physical effects of exercise can be assessed at following link-

I was experiencing this sensation after walking for approximately 5 years. Recently, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Ever since I started taking medication I have not had this problem reoccur. Since low thyroid function effects every cell in your body, it can manifest itself in a lot of ways. My recommendation would be to get a blood test to see if your TSH levels are high.

If anyone gets answer from their doc let me know!

JESSICA2623 Posts: 64
4/29/09 9:55 P

I get these too. I think they are some type of muscle spasm. I notice them after an especially difficult workout session.

4/29/09 9:50 P

I get this too, but more in my glutes than thighs.

BOOLICUS Posts: 333
4/28/09 2:30 P

This happens to me it feels like they are tingling and I can feel the blood rushing through my legs. I have always just thought that this was a sign I was burning lots of calories :)

JUNKDRAWER Posts: 1,253
4/28/09 2:23 P

Yes, I do. I vaguely remember an explanation when I was younger but can't remember specifics other than something about rapid fire muscles?? Like the energy in your muscles shooting out somehow. I hope someone can be WAY more specific than that!!!

4/28/09 1:47 P

Have you ever experienced the sensation or popping or tingling in your thighs after you walk/jog?

What is that feeling? I have googled and googled and can't find information on this sensation.

Any thoughts?

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