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SparkPoints: (216,329)
Fitness Minutes: (193,960)
Posts: 6,780
12/19/12 11:00 P

I don't get that many anymore.

Posts: 3,476
12/19/12 9:20 P

When I joined in 2006 there were fewer ads and the ads were a lot less intrusive. I understand that the ads keep the site free but it's too much sometimes. Mozilla Firefox with Adblock Plus to the rescue! Adblock Plus is an add-on and needs to be updated from time to time but it works like a charm. I don't see any ads or pop ups and can concentrate on what I log into SparkPeople for. Try it!

SparkPoints: (158,852)
Fitness Minutes: (37,229)
Posts: 26,348
12/19/12 3:41 P

I don't see any of the ads on Spark People, I have an ad blocker and a pop up blocker on my browser.

Posts: 4,846
12/19/12 3:36 P

That's true and usually it's a great site with no problems as far as the adds go. I love spark! but the super agressive add (only one I've seen like that) is still irritating enough that I will not buy their product. I will continue to spark though emoticon

SparkPoints: (73,967)
Fitness Minutes: (51,695)
Posts: 3,488
12/19/12 3:12 P

Spark is a free site. They keep it free by the paid ads. They can be annoying but at least we are not paying directly for Spark!

Posts: 4,846
12/19/12 2:45 P

I've had one (pearls probiotic) that will expand from the margin and block my page. Sometimes moving the mouse will cause it to go back to it's margin but others its there for good and I have to refresh. Super frustrating if I have just written out a long response to a threat.

Posts: 2,667
12/19/12 11:51 A

set the options on your browser.
Mine are in the margins; they do not pop up in separate windows

SparkPoints: (26,194)
Fitness Minutes: (7,805)
Posts: 1,169
12/19/12 9:16 A

I know that the ads on here is what pays for the site, but why so many? I get so frustrated when I get multiple pop up ads I just log off of sparkpeople. It isn't worth spending my time removing pop up ads.

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