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I agree MSBOOTCAMP, I was reading an article recently about something health care related. When I googled the topic there was one site that was SO against it, discussing how dangerous it was, as I read the entire article thinking "how could this be?" I noticed at the very end the article it was written by a lawyer firm with their contact information for you to contact in the event you have ever been harmed. Obviously an attempt to get business by reporting false information. Be careful what you take to heart, consider the source!

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2/14/12 1:33 P

I am with MSBOOTCAMP, I would much rather have a cozy dinner in with the Hubby. I think it would be kind of sexy to have the house cleaned and table set, either he or I would cook (or both) and get dressed for a romantic dinner at home. Followed by a decadent dessert we could share.
I guess if I were dating and my boyfriend decided we were going to White Castle for dinner I think I would say "let me introduce you to my new boyfriend". Unless....well, yeah, No White Castle for me! Especially since I am a vegetarian. LOL!
Having said that...I guess you could have a romantic dinner anywhere you both think is acceptable.

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2/13/12 2:05 P

This isn't real, right??!

White Castle?


My Aunt used to take us there- in the Midwest USA- to buy ENTIRE BAGS of little hamburgers.

Now that you mention White Castle, it brings back this strong memory. Those WC ** BAGS ** of burgers helped warp my sense of meal portions! Lucky for me, this was only during summers. But, still...

My answer to your question? I'm (happily) spoiled by all the lovely, nutritious ITALIAN meals prepared for me by my (Italian, not Italian-American) husband. I would say NO to both "fast food" places.

Why not grocery-shop together and have some sweet guy prepare a lady a delicious, healthy Valentine's meal (heavier for lunch; lighter for dinner!) at her place or his?

Just my two cents.

12StepAli- Thanks for bringing this TV station's version of "NEWS" to the light of day.

Obviously, this was a CRASS pitch for 2 businesses to try to get more business on Feb. 14. AND at the expense of any self-respecting woman's SELF-ESTEEM. Can you imagine arguing with some idiot-- and BREAKING UP WITH HIM-- because he saw this on TV & thought it a "great" idea??

WHICH CHANNEL5 NEWS IS THIS?? The FCC should revoke their broadcast license!!


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2/11/12 7:17 P

A "report" on channel 5 News just informed viewers that Valentine's Day dinner reservations are available for both White Castles and/or The Waffle House.

Back in the day I'd follow a guy home if he LET ME BUY HIM A DRINK!!! (I was very sick and insecure young lady). I would like to think that today, I would not be so disrespectful to myself or anyone else.

So when I saw the report I wondered "How would I feel about a Valentines date to White Castles?........
My answer
I would not go. Even if the gentleman I was dating was so financially strapped that White Castles is all he could afford - I'd tell him to spend his money on a box of microwave popcorn and lets watch Netflix.

What do all of you think?

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