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1/27/13 9:42 A

Yes, the VA should have a dietitian to help; or maybe even Diabetes Classes.
You will learn how to "count carbohydrates" and work them into your meals and snacks. Polenta is a carb food, 1/2 cup cooked is a standard portion with about 15 grams of carbohydrate.

Check out our SP Diabetes Center---we even have meal plans with carbohydrate control.

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1/27/13 8:17 A

It can be frustrating dealing with the VA; however, I think a diabetes educator or a registered dietician could be very helpful for you. So I would encourage you to keep pressing for an appointment with one.

My DH is diabetic; nothing is really "off limits" for him, but serving sizes are really important and some things are most definitely "treats" not eat-it-daily type foods. A half cup of mashed potatoes or rice or pasta is REALLY small (compared to how people are used to eating). Certain foods really spike his blood sugar and he avoids them.

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1/27/13 8:02 A

Thank you for your response. I am not on insulin and the Veteran's Administration has diabetic diaticians, I think. I need to keep trying how to get in touch with one..

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1/27/13 4:48 A

in general being diabetic doesn't mean that anything is off limits not even regular old table sugar

which means yes you can have that can of pop, pasta, what have you but you will pay for it with a glucose spike of some sort - if you are on insulin that you need to find your insulin to carb ratio if just doing it though what you eat then yes foods that spike your glucose levels will need to be watched in general.

I'm diabetic, but I eat as i please and with the blessings of my diabetic doc - he knows what I enjoy and its alright with him, but I'm also on insulin so that gives me a little more control in general as to what I eat (as in if I eat more then was planned I just take an extra unit or so to cover for it).

You need to talk with a diabetic dietician and find out what deal with work best for you and your level of diabetes in your life at this point in time - because it will change as you age.

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1/26/13 6:25 P

Talk to your doctor. It depends on your own specific medical situation right now.

In most cases, though, nothing is entirely off limits. It's a matter of balance. Most people wouldn't have to give up pasta or polenta or bread, but they have to choose pasta OR polenta OR bread. For most people on any eating plan/diet, they can have almost anything they really want, but they just can't have *every*thing they sort of want, and they probably can't have it every time they want it. Depending on your bloodwork and what else you eat, the grits might have to be something you eat now and then, not an everyday staple.

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1/26/13 4:45 P

I am diabetic. Are grits (polenta) off limits for me?

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