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7/8/13 1:20 A

I have my first Polar F 4 take 220 minus your age I am 62 so that is 158 times that by 0.7 that gives you your low heart rate mine 110 then times 158 times by 0.85 mine 134 so I know not to go under 110 or over 134 I will strive in time for 134. my friend 's brother spends $600.00 a month for a personal trainer, & his sister also the same. She listened to her brother about the heart monitor she lost 40 pounds from Jan until March she also is clean eating,but he had said it was not until she wore the monitor that the weight stated coming off. His brother is continuing paying that money even though his sister lost 40 & looks great.
I will wear mine for the first time Monday night as it came over my 4 day vacation, I cannot wait to get started!!!! If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them!! I want this fat to roll off me like butter on a hot ear of corn!!!!!

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7/7/13 1:19 P

I just got a new Polar FT60 and I LOVE it! Does anyone else have a Polar product? If so, what kind? And do you have any tricks and tips for Polar newbies?

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