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10/28/13 7:50 P

Thanks for the info!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,435
10/28/13 4:31 P

I wouldn't worry too much about the "fat burn" numbers. What matters most is how many total calories you're burning, not where they are coming from. 275-300 calories sounds reasonable for a 30 minute workout, so I think that other sites that say you're burning double are really overestimating how much you're burning. The previous poster has given you a good suggestion to double check the settings to make sure they are correct, but the numbers it's giving you don't sound too far off to me.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
10/28/13 3:16 P

Make sure you have all of your information correct. On the watch, go to settings, user settings, and put in all the information- sex, height, weight and age.

Also, make sure that the chest strap is on securely. If it loses contact with your skin, it can impact the reading.

I have an FT7 as well, and it is pretty accurate. Keep in mind that the HRM is with you the whole trip- from warm up to cool down, and takes those times of lower heart rate into account.

The last suggestion I have is, you might want to check the battery if this does not seem to help. Even if it is new, it might still need a battery, and low batteries can impact the accuracy.

Good luck.

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10/28/13 12:43 P

for all of you who have a polar heart rate monitor. I just got one a week ago and a little confused on the amount of calories I supposidely burn. Like this morning for instance. I worked out on my elliptical for 31:40 minutes. average HR was 155. max HR was 174. I weigh 235lbs and Im 38 years old. it says I only burned 275 calories? Other sites that I have used that go by weight etc. say I burn at least double that. Spark people said I at least burned 312 cal. I read that the heart rate monitor was the best indicator of calories burned. any thoughts from anyone? It also said that my "fat burn" was 1:34 and fitness was 29:57 not exactly sure what that means either. I was only in the fat burn stage for a little over a minute?

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