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3/10/14 7:38 P

I had a similar problem, which was not the battery. My watch was not reading the transmitter. I don't know what it was, but even when the watch wouldn't read, the stationary bike I was riding could read the HR, so it was some quirk of the watch, not the transmitter. The thing has since started reading fine, and I have had no more problems.

3/6/14 8:32 P

Thank you for the response and ideas. :) I tried a nickel and unfortunately it didn't work :( I've taken it to a couple jewelers who can't get it open.. After I posted this I did detach it and let it sit for a day and then went to try it again and now it works. Meanwhile I ordered a different transmitter and chest strap that is supposed to have a more user friendly way of changing the battery (I haven't gotten it yet, but at least now I have a backup in case this one stops working again)...

3/6/14 2:46 P

I use a different model (FT7), and I always use a nickel as a tool to open the back cover.

Also, try dampening the electrodes with water before you put the strap on if you haven't tried this trick already. They also make a gel you can use, but water is cheaper and always works for me.

3/3/14 8:21 P

I'm having a problem getting my transmitter to transmit my heart rate to the I thought maybe it was time to change the batteries. I had no problem opening and changing the watch battery, but I cannot get the transmitter battery area to open. I have taken it to a couple places and none have been able to get it open... One main reason I bought this one was because it said you can change the batteries yourself.... Anyone else have problems opening the transmitter battery spot? Or have suggestions on how to get it open besides sending it off to polar to get serviced?

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