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4/29/14 9:02 A

mmm that does look good, I'm gonna try that tonight!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,393
4/29/14 8:44 A

Update: I made the recipe that VEG_GIRL04 linked in her post below and will add my two-thumbs-up. It was good!!!!!!

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4/28/14 10:04 P

Congrats on your amazing weight loss by the way! And - I liked poached eggs on top of a spinach salad - you don't even need dressing!

4/28/14 9:30 P

You all are fantastic. Thank you so much for the ideas and support. This place is amazing.

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4/28/14 8:24 P

I love them over garlic spinach (or other sauteed greens) or sweet potato/veggie hash!

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
4/28/14 1:30 P

I had poached eggs on potato pancakes yesterday (they were latkes, it was a Jewish deli...) While the pancakes were - just OK - I think the idea of sweet potato pancakes might work for you. Shred the sweet potatoes, steam them with some chopped scallions, and then bind together with some egg beaters and a little bit of flour. If you substitute for the 'little bit of flour,' just be aware of how that's going to change the taste. Season with some salt and pepper; you can taste what you have because the eggbeaters are pasteurized. Then spray a pan with PAM and fry the pancakes briefly. Put in a 400 degree oven to heat all the way through and cook well.

This would be a very nice looking plate with some steamed spinach and chopped fresh fruit.

4/28/14 1:06 P

I love them on arugula salad with a small drizzle of pesto and Sriracha.

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4/28/14 12:14 P

Crispy pork rinds. Yum.
Those things make great "breading", too.

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,393
4/28/14 10:09 A

Ohmygosh, that does look good!

Inspired by this thread, i just made some poached eggs for breakfast today (usually i'm lazy and just scramble and egg or two into my veggie saute, "egg fu yung" style... but today I hauled out the separate pot). Put them on top of sauteed red cabbage and onions, garnished with a drizzle of Sriraccha (sp?) sauce. It looked gorgeous and tasted great!

Goal 1 - break 200 (46 pounds lost)**DONE**
Goal 2 - leave obesity behind (BMI 29.9, at 185#) **DONE**
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VEG_GIRL04 Posts: 1,789
4/28/14 10:03 A

Try this recipe. But instead of pasta - use spaghetti squash!

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4/28/14 8:06 A

Thank you both so much! I'm eager to try your suggestions!

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4/28/14 12:57 A

Putting them on steamed Swiss Chard or some Spinach and then with a dusting of pepper on top and they are delicious. I thought they would be yuck when I saw it done the first few times, but when I had surgery to remove a wisdom tooth (had to drill a hole in my jaw and twist the tooth around and drag it through the hole) I couldn't really eat anything much so I decided to try it. Man, I now realized why that old man loved it done this way :-)

IF you are allowed baked beans, they are nice on that, too!


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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,393
4/27/14 11:55 P

Put them on a salad - seriously! It's good! Just google "poached eggs salad" and you'll get dozens of recipe ideas. Such as this one

or over asparagus,,1000000188

Goal 1 - break 200 (46 pounds lost)**DONE**
Goal 2 - leave obesity behind (BMI 29.9, at 185#) **DONE**
Goal 3 - BMI = Normal (154# or less)
4/27/14 10:49 P

Hi everyone. This is my first post, so please be gentle :)

I am in step one of my long journey to better health. I started out at almost 450 pounds in February (damn that's hard to admit, even anonymously) and I'm currently working toward hitting a goal weight of 365 so I can have a gastric sleeve done.

I am down to 385 as of today by cutting out dairy, fruit and sugars, and bread and other starches. I am drinking 3 protein shakes a day and I eat two small meals mostly containing protein and vegetables

I really miss poached eggs but in my mind if you eat a poached egg you need bread with it to get that runny yolk. I know it's a tall order but does anyone have any suggestions for what I could put my poached egg on? Bread, pasta and rice are all out for me, I'm afraid.

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