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8/4/11 7:56 A

We must run in different circles. It's implied that we all do, no one denies it, some speak of it in detail, some don't.

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
8/3/11 11:47 P

yeah! what they said! emoticon

8/3/11 8:18 P

allow me to re-phrase the OP's question:

"It is in MY opinion that men seem to not want to admit to masturbating"

I do it, however my girlfriend does it for me WAY better!!!!

YERVANT Posts: 73
8/3/11 5:00 P

If only this counted towards my fitness minutes. I'd be getting all kinds of SparkPoints!!

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8/3/11 1:32 P

Perhaps because it implies either their wife isn't putting out enough, or they couldn't find a woman who does? (If they're single)

***There are two types of men: those who admit they masturbate, and liars.***

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8/3/11 9:40 A

Why are guys not comfortable to admit that they pleasure themsleves?

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