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1/23/13 8:27 P

I was watching a tlc series called my 600 pound life. it showed 5 people who got gastric bypass early in 2000, when it was rarely done. watching these people go through their struggle and journey makes you realize how many variables there are to weight gain/loss. For example, having family members that are enablers (food pushers). really makes you realize, that even if you're a bit overweight, your struggle is nothing compared to theirs. Made me feel that it was easier for me to gain health than starting from 600 lbs and losing. Really puts life in perspective.

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1/23/13 11:48 A

I have found watching any of the weight-related shows motivates me. In the future I will use your idea. Thank you for sharing.

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1/23/13 11:17 A

That's funny, I just recently discovered, and while I have a ton of shows I keep up, week by week I find myself catching up on all my shows on the weekends. Since my newfound discovery of Hulu- and the Hulu smartphone app- I started watching the biggest loser during my cardio sessions last week. I've been known to watch other TV shows on Netflix, whole seasons after they've already aired, but I would find myself kind of zoning out of my workout and zoning into my tv show! But with the Biggest Loser, first of all it's 2 hours so one episode lasts for like 3 days, but also it really IS great to watch while you work out- plus they're sponsored by Planet Fitness this season, and that's my gym so I feel like I'm there, getting beat up by the trainers right along with them. It's great!

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Agreed, however it's there and I find where the inspirational value is in the show. Even though there is 1 winner in the end, I believe each of them have won on a grander scale.

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I'm glad this works for you and that you shared it for others who may also find it helpful. I personally don't care for this show because (a) the "training" methods have not led the majority of contestants to find ways to maintain their weight loss and (b) I'm not a big fan of having people compete against one another for something as important as their health.

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1/23/13 6:32 A

1st who here likes the TV show Biggest Loser? "Like, Dislike, neither, or both"
I really love this show and I'm motivated by their triumps and struggles.....

My motivational technique is to "not" watch the first few weeks of the Biggest Loser new season. I DVR the show series, and once I've gathered several shows. I start to watch them during times I'm having trouble staying focussed or many times I workout while I'm watching. So inspirational, and I "think" in my mind, if they can put in the work to lose all that weight. I can put in the effort to take my little weight off as compared to the contestants. By the time I catch up to the show live my mind is motivationally right and I'm motivated to stay the course.

Hopefully this is helpful to others on these Sparkpages...

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Roger D. Joyal, CMSgt
US Air Force Retired 30-Year Chief Master Sergeant. Now work for GBX Consultants as a military to civilian transition assistants facilitatory.
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