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Please recommend your scale

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Posts: 655
5/22/13 2:06 A

I got mine at walmart i think the brand is taylor. Definitely under $50. I love it. It will save up to 4 people's weight. I used to go to Weight Watchers and it was always within .4 of their scales. The only time I get weird readings is from moving it around. I slide it out from the wall to use it so when I weigh, I make sure I get the same reading a couple times. Had the dial kind before this one and that thing was so off. Great scale for not alot of money and it's pretty. Clear glass top with bronze.

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5/21/13 9:00 P

We have a Sunbeam scale, had it for over 3 yrs., husband has to weight each day for medical reasons, and I weigh each day because I write it down. Uses a 9 volt battery, simple scale, best we ever had. Have had fancier ones, they didn't last worth a darn!!!

Posts: 2,349
5/21/13 8:47 P

I have a Health O Meter. I think I bought it at Wal-Mart. It has a bunch of fancy functions that I have no idea how to use. It is quite accurate. I am in the military and must have an official weight in twice a year (like all AD service members). I can be kicked out of the military if I am out of regulations. My scale is spot on with all the scales at my current command. I have only had it for a year, so I can't comment on longevity.

Posts: 12,376
5/21/13 8:37 P

Tanita, as a brand, has a very good reputation. I've had one of theirs for eight years, only had to replace the batteries once (and it takes AAs, nothing expensive), and I've always felt that it's really accurate. It matches up with doctors' scales, and doesn't vary much at all. It weighs in .2 lb increments, so if I'm at 1XX.5, it'll go back and forth between 1XX.4 and 1XX.6, but never farther than that.

Posts: 43
5/21/13 5:41 P

It's more expensive but I've been using the Fitbit Aria scale. I like it as it's wifi. All I do is weigh in and it uploads my weight and body fat percentages.

Posts: 841
5/21/13 2:04 P

Huhm, I don't know if I get SO on board with that, he already thought I spent too much on the last digital scale LOL Maybe someting under $50? Anyone?

Posts: 2,074
5/21/13 11:40 A

I have a doctor's scale (with the slide weights across the top). I've had all kinds of scales, and this one was a great investment as it weighs much more accurately than any of the others I've had. I'ts a Health O Meter. Was a little pricey but I've never regretted buying it.

And besides, with the height pull-up ruler on it, I can measure how many inches I am shrinking as I get older! LOL!

Posts: 841
5/21/13 11:04 A

I have a digital scale right now that is terrible. I can weigh myself 5 times in a row and get 5 different weights with up to a 5lb difference. It's really doing nothing for my self-confidence at this point LOL

Does anyone have a digital scale that doesn't suck? Or maybe a good ole' reliable anallog scale? I'm thinking of just going back to an analog scale at this point anyway. Yeah, I'll lose the "accuracy" (and I use that word loosely) of being able to weigh in .1 increments, but when it doesn't work consistently anyway, why bother, right? I mean, overall I'm most concerned with the trend being that my weight is going down, so that small nuances of those small loses that I won't be able to see won't really matter.

So, any recommendations?

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