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10/17/11 11:12 P

Not to sound cold hearted...He is making is own decisions. Now you have to make yours. Get help for yourself. Like mentioned below find a support group or seek individual therapy/counseling. You have to make yourself a priority to yourself. I know it is hard to watch him. I know it is devastating. I am married to someone who has Bipolar w/Psychosis. It's a hard road to travel. However, you got to take care of you. emoticon

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10/14/11 10:17 A

Hello everyone,

I just want to say Thank You for your responses :)



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10/10/11 2:06 P

I am sorry you are going through this.
I don't think there is much you can do if he refuses treatment. That is the ONLY way to get this under control. And sounds like he would need it for alchol just as much as the bipolar, since he is self medicating with the booze.
My mom was Diagnosed when I was in 4th grade. but she didn't stay on her pills long enough. Found out many years later that type you can NOT start when you are low, only when manic. she was GREAT for years after her second hospital stay but then went off again, another time her medical dr. had her try something different which really didn't work as well and she ended back into a hospital again.
IT's HARD, but they have to want to get help or they will just stop again. and back to their old habits.


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10/9/11 1:15 P

Is it possible for you to seek out a support group? After reading your post, I have to agree with Luanne (sorry about the spelling). I am so sorry you are going through this.

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10/5/11 3:35 P

aww Im so very sorry , actually the only time i dont look or sound bipolar is when im around my kids , giving them love and receiving it back have help me a lot to control my mood swings and anger ...along with hardcore extenuating exercise .
I think parents should give their kids the best they can .... im so sorry he isn't doing it , but is not about bipolarity , sometimes the core personality isn't quite is should be either .

Of course i get mad but they know that saying certain key words or making a silly face ill go back quickly to laughter ...Ill pray for him and for you , because you deserve to be loved as much as he can and much much more dear :hug:

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10/4/11 9:15 P

"He was diagnosed about five years ago and refuses to get help. He is an alocholic and very bitter "

Sorry, but there really is not much you can do.
He has to want to change; he has to want help.

Your best bet would be to distance yourself....

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10/4/11 4:41 P

SAM - I dont have answers for you. But I wanted to give you emoticon

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10/4/11 1:24 P

Hello everyone,

I need some serious advice about how to cope with the wild mood swings of my bipolar father.

He was diagnosed about five years ago and refuses to get help. He is an alocholic and very bitter about many facets of his life---in particular his difficult job.

This has led to too many, loud, emotionally draining arguements and I know that I should know better than to engage in them.

Here is some of the behaviour that I find triggers my reactions:

Ignoring me when I speak to him.

.Calling women out of name e.g calling random women on the street a 'bitch.'

.When I try to speak to him about anything serious or important he will mock me or worse yet just smile.

.If someone has an achievement or good thing happen to them he will never say congratulations or aknowledge.

.He often seeks out the worst kind of people to hang out with or date. I.e women who participate in prostitution, people who are chronic drinkers.

.He is proud of how many times he has been in jail or broken the law or 'gotten away with it.' For example driving drunk.

All of this makes me so angry that sometimes I just verbally lash out at him and I don't want to do this anymore. It does no one any good.

Thank you for your help.

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