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9/7/14 6:03 A

I agree. I would like to have Other Goals defined in days and not weeks.

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2/12/14 12:25 P

Edit: TOO WEIRD!! After I penned this, I went back to the Start Page to do something else...and the goals were displayed together again in original order??! I think your site has a mind of its own sometimes!! Bottom line, no response required I guess.... Thanks...

emoticon Sort of on this topic...

Why did the display area for my "Other Goals" on the Start Page change the order they were presented in? I used to have two next to each other which were exercise related, and today they aren't together??!! I tried to have them prioritized for myself....

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,560
4/30/13 11:00 A

Thanks for the suggestions! I will pass them along.

Coach Jen

JANETL1 Posts: 395
4/30/13 10:58 A

The one feature that would make SP perfect for me would be the ability to add several custom goals in the "Other Goals" section that would allow me to define my own goal and then enter a numerical value (not just a checkmark). If we could have as many as four slots for this, it would be so great, but if for some reason there could not be four, I'd appreciate however many I could have.

One more feature: I'd love the ability to reorder my user-defined "other goals." I have defined my goals in categories that I group together. If I decide to add a new goal to the top category, I can't display it with the other goals in that category unless I re-enter every goal that comes after it.

The "one new habit at a time" approach has worked well for me. The "Other Goals" page allows me to keep a record and work on my own streak (I don't like the way the SP streaks feature works--I would if each streak could be defined in days rather than weeks).

Thanks for considering.

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