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Yes and I consider them both a waste of time and money. They are cardio workouts using mini weights and set forth promises they can not keep. She is not a personal trainer, she is someone who leaps into everything wheather she knows anything about it or not and then creates some semblance of a DVD and sells it to the unsuspecting who have been bamboozled by her presentation of self on the non reality show Biggest Loser.

Am I in a minority here on Spark? You Betcha Red Ryder but my opinion is based on a review of what she has produced and sold. It is marketing but sorry you can not get "Ripped in Thirty" or any of her other claims. Be advised that any DVD is not shot from strart to finish in one shoot, it is an amalgam of many days of stops and starts spliced together into a whole.

Bottom line n my opinion, with a little study in the books I recommended you can create a better programme for yourself which will outpace anything she offers for sale.

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12/9/12 1:52 P

I am not Sarge, but I know he despises anything to do with JM.

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12/9/12 12:11 P

SERGEANTMAJOR did you have chance to review Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30 DVD's? I would like to get an expert insight on them. Thanks..

12/9/12 9:46 A

Let us review the reasearch, the three part formula for fat loss in ranked order is nutrition (diet) first, strength training second and cardio last. I have my clients do three alternate days of strength training using full body and compound movement and two days of interval cardio. All workouts are thirty minutes , forty minutes if you add the five minute warm up and cool down/stretching.

The problem with most DVDs is that you are always a beat behind until you memorize the workout since you need to see and internalize what you are going to do next. I suggest you invest in one of two books; "The New Rules of Lifting for Women" or Body for Life". By using one of these you can teach yourself what you need to know and develop your own programme. Consider it teaching yourself how to fish to misuse the parable slightly.

Feel free to contact me directly for more information.

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I know I HAVE to do ST and there is so many confusion outthere ST and Cardio training. So many information not keen on doing Cardio and ST on the same day... So if not 6 dys 5 days a week is needed for weight loss.. Gaahhhh that's why I love fitness DVDs that gives a already thought out calendar...

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I somewhat agree with that article, but I stand by my original assertion that you don't need to do Zuzana's stuff and add in other ST. I often gank Zuzana's circuits to kill my clients with, sometimes we do different types of ST, but full body workouts 6 days a week? no no, that's overtraining.

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12/9/12 12:41 A

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12/8/12 3:41 P

Well, you certainly have enthusiasm, but you also need to pair that with information so you can effectively meet your goals. It's great that you are asking questions. I think you would do well with exploring the fitness section on this site more. There's lots of stuff on the Internet that is inaccurate or not based on any research.

I'm not familiar with Zuzana's workouts, but if your goal is weight loss, I would work in more straight cardio. You can to intervals and circuits with cardio, but they are different than those that target different muscle groups. As mentioned, you need at least one rest day between working each muscle group, Your muscles need time to rebuild and become stronger.

As far as your list, it's just a long list with no order to it. Which ones are you doing? How many reps? How many sets? How much weight? If you just went through that long list and did one or two reps of each, you really wouldn't be accomplishing much.

You could even start with this tool to put together a plan with some cohesion.

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Actually that list is a complete list of ST workouts as I understand. So of course I will not (and cannot) do everything on the list, that website was what I could find on the subject...

ZORBS13 I thought those kind of exercises count as cardio.. So do i need to add cardio days instead?? I need so much to learn... emoticon

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12/8/12 1:19 P


I agree with Zorbs that you don't need to be doing nearly this many exercises. Doing a small number of compound exercises (like rows) will target a number of muscles at once and can drastically cut down on the list you need to do.

Coach Jen

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Zuzana's workouts ARE ST. You don't need to do both.

I don't understand the giant list of exercises. You plan to do all that 3x a week? How much time do you plan on spending working out? You can hit all your muscle groups with 6 exercises, why are you doing 45?

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I think that HIIT is a great way to get awesome results. I do not see a problem with alternating between HIIT and strength training. What I suggest is start at 3x a week for each, but over time you will have to increase to 4-5x a week especially for the cardio.
When it comes to strength training it is important to get a rest day for the muscle group you just worked. Therefore you could technically do the entire routine one day, rest the next day and do it all again the following day.
I noticed you have a very long list of muscle exercises. What I suggest is limiting yourself to two types of movements per muscle per workout, and then in the following workout use two other types of movements. There is no need for you to do that entire list everytime, since you have some muscles being worked 4-5 times by different movements. Keep it at about two, and do 3 sets of 8-10 reps.

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12/8/12 9:51 A


I am new to weight lifting as well as whole fitness scene so as a total noob please forgive my silly questions..

Right now I am working out with 30 Day Shred and I will be finishing on December 18th. I want to move on to something more energizing and weight lifting as my next fitness routine..

I plan to work out with Zuzana Light's HIIT type workouts three times a week. And I would like to incorporate Strength Training in between.

My first question is would doing HIIT 3 times a week in between 3 times a week ST harm my weight loss in any way? ( I am not asking if I can do it, I am asking if there is an objection scientifically raised against working out in this order (HIIT-ST-HIIT-ST-HIIT-ST) or some other obstacle I am not seeing due to my newbie-ness :) )

The second question is this program* for a beginner's ST is good? And should I do the whole routine in each ST day or seperate it as Chest/Back, Legs, Shoulders day?

*see the whole list of (all 43 of them including warm up) exercises included within the article:

Running Warm-up for Women
Circle and Bend Warm-up for Women
Side to Side Warm-up Stretch for Women
Quadriceps Warm-up Stretch for Women
Shoulder Shrug for Women
Biceps Curl for Women
Alternate Dumbbell Press for Women
Triceps Kickback for Women
Calf Raises for Women
Total Body Press for Women
Upright Row for Women
Bent-over Row for Women
Squats for Women
Hack Squat for Women
Oblique Twist for Women
Shoulder Press for Women
Bent Leg Deadlift for Women
Chest Press for Women
Chest Fly for Women
Pullover for Women
Lying Triceps Press for Women
Reverse Fly on Ball for Women
Reverse Fly on Bench for Women
Hamstring Curl for Women
Leg Extension for Women
Alternative Bent-over Row for Women
Bench Press for Women
Leg Lift for Women
Single Leg Kicks for Women
Triceps Stretch for Women
Abdominal Crunch for Women
Oblique Crunch for Women
Hamstring Bridges for Women
Single Leg Bridge for Women
Pushups on Ball for Women
Alternative Reverse Fly on Ball for Women
Hamstring Stretch for Women
Upper Body Stretch for Women
Calf Raises with Barbell for Women
Forward Lunge for Women
Behind the Head Press for Women
Side Bend for Women
Standing Triceps Extension for Women


PS: I cannot go to gym at the moment and I am confined with the type of ST i can do with pair of dumbells..

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