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MYAKAYAH Posts: 7,717
7/5/13 6:42 A

I'd have to agree with this comment but the easiest way I have found to get to your blog is just to go to your points page and access it from the link there.

You could access it from your Start page as well, from the right side where the feed is~

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7/3/13 11:30 A

I agree. It's pretty difficult to locate, and a pain to have to go into my Spark Page just to post a new blog.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 34,407
6/25/13 9:11 P

Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it along!

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6/25/13 9:00 P

Oddly enough, you can't get there from the "Blogs" page. That should be a given. It would also be nice to have it in the right hand bar somewhere. And maybe on one of the drop-down lists. But definitely on the "Blogs" page!


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