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JOANN19681 Posts: 208
1/24/12 1:10 P

Thanks everyone:) Feeling better now. Going to do the chair workout on spark people today for cardio. Enough times to burn the calories I need to burn. I have a bad knee and messed it up by slamming it HARD against my desk when I was turning around to talk to my husband. Put some ice on it and elevated it and it's feeling better, so I think I will be okay. Might even try out cycling on my stationary bike later because I want to do my exercise. I dont want to give up! I did take off a LOT of weight (100 pounds), then gained some of it back. Decided to do something about it before it got really hard and I gained too much back for it to be easy.

KAUDREY318 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/24/12 7:33 A

Ditto what Anarie said. The first thing I thought was - you should have only weighed yourself once in that time. My scale is moving slowly too, but yesterday I wore a skirt that a month ago I couldn't close, so that is all the encouragement I need! :)

I weigh myself once a week, but would do it even less if I wasn't part of a Biggest Loser contest at work, where I have to weigh in.

If you need the motivation, use a tape measure, or pay attention to how your clothes are fitting etc. You'll see changes, if you stick with it, even if the scale isn't moving as fast as you hoped.

Good luck!

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (76,009)
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1/24/12 6:21 A

The best way not to get discouraged in your journey to life style change is to convince yourself that there is no better alternative. If the scale is not moving today, tomorrow it may move. If not the day after tomorrow. May be next week. The scale will eventually move if you rule out quitting.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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1/23/12 10:18 P

The scale can be a turd :P. I like my measuring tape much better.

JOANN19681 Posts: 208
1/23/12 6:48 P

Good advice, thanks. I'm staying away from the scale for at least a week, maybe two. I am going to give it quite awhile before I make anymore premature decisions about how I am doing with this. I do feel better and more flexible since doing the cardio and strength training, though. That is reason enough to keep going I guess.

ANARIE Posts: 13,125
1/23/12 6:36 P

You're weighing yourself WAY too often. Between the tenth and the 23rd, you really only should have weighed yourself once. Your weight varies day by day; you will almost never weigh the same on a Tuesday as you do on a Sunday or a Thursday. Weighing once a week, on the same day of the week, at exactly the same time, is semi-reliable, but you'll still find that you go up and down. Women really can't know anything about a diet and exercise plan until they've been on it at least 28 days, and 56 is better.

"Plateau" and "week" do not belong in the same sentence. Plateaus are measured in months. Differences from day to day are 100% normal.

GOGIANTS77 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/23/12 6:23 P

I hear ya! I've been following a strict diet, staying within my calories every day. Also been doing TurboFire 6 days a week for 6 weeks now. I've only lost 4 lbs (and that was in the first 2 weeks). It's been awhile since the scale has moved, I keep going up and down a few ounces, but never going over the same weight pound-wise.

One thing though, my pants fit a lot better. I was even able to get a pant size smaller when shopping for jeans. I can only think that I'm building muscle and replacing the fat. At least I hope that's it lol.

It gets discouraging, and I'm trying hard not to lose motivation. I've lost 89lbs in total, so I have that to be proud of! I can tough this out!!!

JOANN19681 Posts: 208
1/23/12 5:46 P

I have been doing spark people since the tenth and got off to an excellent start by losing almost 6 pounds. The last couple of times I have weighed myself the scale hasnt budged. I dont really feel discouraged, yet, but if I cant get through this and start to lose again I may start to feel discouraged. I have been staying within or slightly under my calorie range. I have been doing my cardio and strength training. Maybe I should go with taking measurements instead for a while, because my scale is being a turd. Lol! What is the best way to not get discouraged and keep up the motivation to do what I need to do exercise and diet wise? Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

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