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3/23/13 10:08 P

Thanks so much for the encouragement. It's so helpful. You're right. I need to stop obsessing about the scale. I weigh myself everyday.. multiple times. It's like a sick addiction or something. I refuse to give up though there are many days I'd like to just say forget. This week I did cycling, zumba, the arc trainer @ the Y, and treadmill/cardio routine... that's a huge shake up in my typical workout week. I also recalculated my calories at my new workout level and SP suggest 1400-1750 calories per day.. so I'm on day 3 of that calorie range. I'm nervous that I'm going to gain... but I'm taking the leap of faith. :)

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
3/21/13 3:59 P

Steph was totallly right about the calorie thing, No wonder why the body goes into starvation mode...

After a re-training for my metabolism I was told you take your body weight and times it by 7,
It is soo hard when you think cut calories here and there, but if you work out, you need to add even more... make sure you leave yourself a 500-1000 calorie deficit by the end ... I do zumba A LOT and I burn 1092 calories just from one class so I have to add an extra 500 more calories to have that 500 deficit

Eating to little will def. keep you there as well as eating processed and GMO foods..

just cause something mentions its healthy doesn't mean it is.. Once I got away from the processed foods, and redid my calculation and added a extra calories from exercising, I dropped 10 lbs in one mo.. my favorite victories are the non scale victories.. loosing inches, eating healthier, moving faster, lifting stronger, looking better

You will break it!!! Keep it up

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3/21/13 12:05 A

I was wondering if I was eating enough calories... I'll usually eat on the higher side of my range around 1300-1400 per day. I also took the first responders advice and went to a cycling class yesterday for the first time ever. My bum is sore, but it was nice to do something different. I really appreciate the feedback and am working to take all of your advice and weave it into my routine to get the ball rolling on some weight losses. I measure myself and my measurements have been stagnant for the last three months at least. So clearly I need to shake things up. Thanks again!! :)

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3/20/13 11:58 P

Thank you! I'll check those out!

3/19/13 7:21 P

Also, if you are exercising 30 minutes or more a day, and only eating 1200-1550 calories per day, you might not be getting ENOUGH to eat. 1200-1500 is the range for someone who is small, and doesn't exercise very much. You could be creating a calorie deficit that is causing your body to go into something people around here like to call "starvation mode." Your body starts conserving calories to save you, because it thinks you are literally starving.

So, figure out how many calories you are burning per day, and then factor that in to your daily intake. It seems counter-intuitive, but you might need to eat more to lose weight!

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3/19/13 3:20 P

Stephanie gave you some great advice! And I couldn't agree more with needing to eat a minimum of 1200 calories. Anything less than that is likely to slow your metabolism and work against your efforts. You may want to also check out the Plateau Busters series of articles. Here is a link to part 1:
s_articles.asp?id=516 . You can find a link to parts 2 & 3 at the bottom of that article.


Coach Denise

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3/19/13 12:29 A

First of all thank you so much for replying! I completely agree with you on all accounts. I am doing ST as well as cardio. I'm not perfect but I need to clean up some bad habits.. not being 100% accurate when tracking, not getting 8 or more glasses or water per day, etc.

Giving up isn't an option but when it's going on month 6 of hardly any loss I become frustrated with always stressing over these details. And I want to just go back to eating whatever I want. But I've been working out 99% of the days in a week since May and I don't want all of this hard work to be for nothing.

Thanks again for responding. Maybe I need to come to the message board more often to build up some support. I find it hard to talk about this to the people in my life. Struggling with weight makes me embarrassed that I can't figure this out.

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3/18/13 10:16 P

First, 1200 calories daily is the bare minimum you need for proper nutrition. So you might not be eating enough if you're eating at 1,000.

Second, plateaus happen to all of us. Don't feel alone and many of us feel your pain.

Shake things up. You need to change things. Our bodies get used to the same routine. Take a day or two off from working out one week. Or work out for an hour one day and nothing the next. Or try some new form of exercise, whatever you want.

Are you strength training as well as cardio? ST is very important also.

Do something different with what you eat. Do you use the Nutrition Tracker? If so, look at your patterns and see if you need to shake it up a bit.

MOST IMPORTANT, stopping your healthy lifestyle is NOT an option. The only real failure is to stop trying ...

You CAN do this. Also remember, please, that there are other measures of progress and improvement and good health besides the scale. Are you measuring yourself? You may be losing inches.

Keep up the great work ... and everybody is cheering for you ...


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3/18/13 9:25 P

When I first started this journey in May of last year.. I lost 20lbs in aproximately 3 months. I've been up or down a couple of lbs every month since with no real loss. I workout 30 minutes or more everyday and eat 1,000-1,400 calories everyday. I don't know what to do. I'm extremely discouraged.

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