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11/6/13 2:12 P

PS Thanks for the comments about how much I can eat. I know! I think it is wild, and often shake my head after the week is over and notice that I could consistently eat that much and lose. I do move an awful lot though (five kids, lol!), but still so thankful. I am going to try really hard to get down to the 1800's, if I cut out the sugar, this shouldn't be as hard because like you guys said the cravings should stop and the stuff that is good for us has less calories of course. Eeekkk... ok here I go, to infinity and beyond! Thanks again. :D :D :D

ARUN4ONE Posts: 510
11/6/13 2:07 P

Wow, you guys are going to make me cry, lol, in a good way. :D Thank you all so much. Thanks for the advice, the tips, the sharing and the empathy. So many good ideas and things to think about now. I also wanted to weigh in and let others chime in because I have an idea how to break this, but it is so much nicer to hear what others think, and listen to the advice and wisdom of those who have gone before or are currently struggling. Thank you all so very much!

What I have been mulling over the last couple of weeks is indeed my obsession with sugar. The need to let this one piece go, and give over my all to this road ahead. To be honest, many of my calories come from simple carbs. I have this bad habit of "saving" calories then freeing myself to eat what I want often late. I know, I know this is terrible, and it will NOT sustain me for the long haul. It is a comfort mechanism I have used for as long as I can remember, but I do realize it is wrong, and there is no nutritional value in me continuing to indulge, then sabotage my efforts due to the lack of nutrition. I am going to get to exercising too again, I just feel like it is so important to find a "new" base line for this last thirty and into maintenance. What was working is no longer working. Oh, my good common sense tells me this, but my emotions, lol, my emotions are SCREAMING out. Oh well on them. I got to keep this moving!

Well everyone. I am going to do it. I am just going to say no to sugar. I know that if I do this, oh, I just have the greatest feeling that if I lay this down, I will start to see results again. I know I keep thanking everyone, lol, but I just can't express my gratitude enough for the transparency and the sharing of struggles and such. This stuff ain't for wimps, and although I planned to reach goal December of this year, I will side with you Bunny Kicks and say 2014 will indeed be our year!!! Best, best wishes to you all! WOW. I LOVE SPARKPEOPLE!!!! emoticon emoticon

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
11/6/13 12:54 P

Oof, we are in the same boat... i've lost 65, with 30 to go... and i swear the first 60 were easier to lose than the most recent 5! I've gone from regularly dropping 2#/week to... well, here's my last 5 weeks:

10/05 181 (-1.5) 64
10/12 180 (-1) 65
10/19 182 (+2) 63
10/26 181 (-1) 64
11/02 180 (-1) 65

SIGH, if I average it out, that's 0.2#/week lol.

I think what starts to prey on my mind is when i start extrapolating out - I have 30+ pounds to lose, at 0.2#/week that's 150 more weeks! 3 more years!!!!! But OK, i tell myself, it's a plateau, you can't extrapolate from a plateau, some weeks you'll lose more, it will all even out. And then I look at the more "realistic" 1#/week, and think... oh heck, that's still 30, 40 more weeks... I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS FOR 40 MORE WEEKS. I've been at this since January and I feel like I should be closing in on goal... how can "goal" still be so far away?

But the thing is. I intend to retain my new eating habits. I LIKE the way I'm eating, I enjoy the foods I eat... and even once I get to goal, I WILL keep eating this way. I do not wish to return to my old way of eating. Nevermind the fact that to do so would cause me to regain what I lost, I just... the food I was eating was poor quality, and made me feel physically bad (sluggish... heartburn... shaky sugar-crashes... etc. etc.)... and once you wean your palate off the hyper-doses of sugar and salt, you realize it doesn't even taste that good. I do NOT want to go back to that. So... when I look forward to "goal" it is NOT with an eye to "whew now that that's done... I can eat again!" Therefore... what's the rush?

When you have a lot of weight to lose, I think it is perhaps even a good idea just to give your body a break, and do a period of "maintenance" partway through. It's quite a stressor on the body to live in a calorie deficit day after day after day after day after week after month... I figure my current plateau is just my body's way of saying "whew - I need a breather!"

So now you've had your breather, your body is rested but your mind is getting frustrated - this would be the time to get back to the basics, and spend a couple weeks working really hard to stick to your calorie ranges, get your mind back in that groove, ya know? Do it now, so that you can maybe have another couple weeks "maintenance" scheduled in around Christmas... then hit January running and 2014 will be the year we hit that elusive Goooooalllllllllll.

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11/6/13 11:35 A

Well, is it possible to go to about 1800-1900 and keep it there instead of up to 2300 daily? I don't think there's much mystery about this plateau; you've just reached the point at which your lessening metabolic needs have caught up to the amount of calories you were eating. (And a hearty congratulations on keeping your calories so high up to this point; I think more people should seriously consider trying to do it this way instead of heading straight for 1200 or broke.) For myself I seem to maintain at about 1800-2000 (before factoring in exercise) and I'm over 5'8" -- it may be unrealistic to expect to actually lose on an equivalent number of calories now that you're reasonably close to "normal" weight, unless you're extremely tall. (Edit: And I am not hungry on that amount of food.)

As far as being really hungry -- you could in fact cut back on exercise a little bit in order to tame that a bit (especially cardio) -- but there's a limit to how much you expect that to help you, because of course exercise burns calories as well. (Not to mention all the other reasons to do it.) But I think your other comment, about sugar, is more likely to be a key. How many of your calories are currently coming from sugar and relatively simple carbohydrates, like bread and pasta and baked goods? If you were able to modify your diet to replace some of those things with vegetables and fats and even fruits and more complex carbs, you may well find that you are less hungry on the same calories, and even that the sweet tooth itself gets tamed quite a bit. To a great extent, the body craves what we are feeding it.

Good luck!

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AGILEDOBE Posts: 428
11/6/13 11:34 A

You mention a love of sugar which causes water retention and also causes you to get hungry sooner ( I can attest to this when I cheat). Suggest you consider dropping the empty calories first and try to slowly drop to 1800 calories and when you do feel hungry eat apples, veggie snacks rather than carbs. Weight loss is primarily from diet, not exercise. If you keep giving your body carbs, it doesn't have to burn that extra weight you are trying to drop.

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11/6/13 10:56 A

I am on my last 15-20lbs and have been at a plateau for six months now, which is not normal. I am still working on figuring out how to break it, but I just thought I would sympathize with you-- I know it sucks! Weight loss DOES slow down when you get this close to goal, a lot-- not as much as it has for me, but if you stick to your plan you may find you are still losing, just more slowly-- and that is perfect and exactly what you are supposed to be doing. If you go for a few months and you are really still maintaining like I have been doing, you may have to switch it up. I am fine tuning my diet and experimenting with different amounts and types of exercise to see what I can do.

I am not an expert on anybody's body but my own, but I am surprised you can eat that many calories without any "formal" exercise and still lose at this stage. I might try adding in just a little bit of something if your plan isn't working for you anymore-- if it is, then great, but if it's not you need to do something different. I started just doing 10 minutes a day of cardio a couple times a week, fairly painless, and added on 5 minute increments as I went. If that small amount of exercise makes you significantly hungrier I think it is in your head and that is something to work on. :( I know that's hard. When you get to the last 20-30lbs I think that is when you really have to get serious if you want to keep losing.

ARUN4ONE Posts: 510
11/6/13 9:16 A

Thank you. It does feel like it has really slowed down, and I honestly think now that you mentioned that, I just don't want to accept that. I don't want to accept that all the hard work and time I am putting into this is not giving me the same results I used to be getting, but I am hoodwinking myself. I am getting those results! Just in the form of some type of slow down or maintenance. What am I doing is working for something lol. I do not strength train. I have seriously thought about it, but then am afraid I will be ravenous and start overeating. I am literally shaky afraid just thinking about it. Probably overthinking that too, lol. Thank you for your kind advice and suggestions. :D

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11/6/13 9:00 A

As you get closer to your goal, you have less to lose so your weight loss will slow down. There's a rule of thumb that states you're only going to lose 2-3% of the amount you want per week. This is because there's less excess fat and our bodies don't want to give it up. Just keep pushing and it will come off eventually. Weight loss is anything but a linear process.

Do you do any strength training? Muscle is a great fat burner and strength training will help you increase your metabolism.

ARUN4ONE Posts: 510
11/6/13 8:16 A

Why, oh why, is it so hard for me to celebrate a near 80 pound loss knowing I have 30 to go. Hi, folks. My name is Rachel, and I am addicted to sugar. I figure that's about the only thing I can do differently to shed this stubborn, persistant, EVIL,lol, 30 pounds. My weight loss has slowed down to nearly a halt since July to be honest. I have only lost about 10 pounds, but for about a month now, I have now officially stopped losing. Waaahhhh... I have heard of plateau's but I still don't understand them.

I have tried to exercise more and less. The more I exercise the hungrier I get so now, I have stopped almost completely to re-focus on what I could be doing wrong nutritionally. I know that could have caused me to stop losing, but I am not convinced because I have stopped and restarted exercise to no avail already! I weigh 195 pounds, and I eat between 2000 and 2300 calories a day. Ok, once again ;), I know that this alone may be keeping me at this weight, BUT if I try to eat anything less than 1800 I AM STARVING. Although I do not "formally" exercise every day I am always, always on the move. Be it housework, running, or other chores, (I might as well have a big ol' farm to be tendin' too, yee haw) I am ALWAYS moving.

I am at wit's end. Former Plateauer's please help! Should I just settle down and keep doing the same thing and EVENTUALLY the last 30 pounds will come off, or do I need to morph into a leaner, meaner machine by changing my habits even more drastically. I MUST BE REALISTIC. This is my third attempt at losing this much weight, and I never, ever want it to come back again! Please any advice. I do drink a butt load of water too. Ok. Thanks again. I am really looking forward to others stories and how you may have managed yourself emotionally, what kept you motivated, is it normal for a plateau to happen, how long was yours, when you started losing again was it like you did before, do our bodies just get tired after a while?! Ooo, the questions I have! :D :D :D

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