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4/26/14 5:18 P

Change up your type of exercising. Your body will get used to what you're doing and that may be the reason for the plateau. Do a different cardio and don't forget the weight training as it will build muscle. Good luck! and Keep up the good work! emoticon

4/26/14 2:11 P

Marine, listen up, this is the Sergeant Major again.

I understand time constraints and the demands of a second job however that should not impede your progress dramatically. Give me 30 minutes a day and you can get fit not fat. Check out:
for workouts which will kick you and make you fit not fat.

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4/26/14 1:27 P

I agree that you are definitely not eating enough. What is your SparkPeople recommended calorie range?

I think it's great that you're adding strength training to your routine. Keep in mind that any time you make a change to your exercise routine your muscles tend to retain water which can lead to a temporary increase on the scale (or mask any losses you would have had otherwise).

Coach Jen

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4/26/14 12:56 P

Hmmmm interesting. I will adjust my calorie allowance. The diet part I will adjust. As for the healthiness of the diet I think I am OK there. I will increase my strength training. Great info, thank you.

4/26/14 12:45 P

My first thought is you are reducing your calorie count too low, 1200 is borderline starvation for someone of your size. My second is that you are making a mistake doing all the cardio in an attempt to lose fat, cardio is in last place in the fat loss equation, diet (nutrition) is first, strength training is second and cardio is third.

I suggest you concentrate on strength training, adjust your daily intake to match your level of exercise and fat loss goals and back off on the cardio.

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4/26/14 12:31 P

Hello everyone. Well I will get to the point. I have gone from 279 lbs down to 236 lbs. Most recently I went from 255 to 236, over 7 weeks. I exercise minimum 5-6 days per week. I work 4 on 4 off, so I hit the Spin classes, usually 4 days a week, 45 mins each class. Prior to getting on the bike, I usually warm up with 20-40 mins of treadmill. I have just now started incorporating weights again, 3 days a week. As for calories I have limited myself with 1200 calories when I was at 255 and now down to 236. My problem is I feel I am plateauing. Weight not coming off as quickly, eating the same. Just yesterday I incorporated a "cheat" meal as I have read. Lost 1 lb. Hey I know 1 lb is better than 0 or gaining but..... Just wondering if anyone out there could offer advice, a plan or anything that might help me break passed this plateau? Thanks everyone.

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