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5/29/09 8:41 P

It's only water weight you are losing. While jockeys, boxers and wrestlers might use this technique to lose weight before a ONE-OFF weigh-in, it does not burn any extra fat. You burn calories through ACTIVITY, not through sweating.

But the real point is not so much that this technique is ineffective for long term weight loss, but that it is actually dangerous. Sweating is the body's natural cooling mechanism, and helps keep the body at a safe and normal temperature when working out. Interfering with this may lead to dehydration or heat exhaustion/heat stroke.

And even if you stop before this happens, it means you are shortening your workout, and thus burning LESS calories, not more.

Bottom line: it is ineffective, and even dangerous. Stop doing it.

OK, I'll get down off my soapbox now. emoticon


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5/29/09 4:29 P

Yeah, i remember in high school this is how all the wrestlers would lose weight- we'd see them running around the school hallways- which were naturally warm- with trash bags and hooded sweatshirts on. I agree that this probably isn't healthy considering that you're supposed to stay hydrated during workouts, and this method promotes the complete opposite. I too gain fat in my midsection and i know it'll probably be the last to go, but i'd rather it take longer than have to be rushed to the hospital for dehydration or something- which would cause a major set back in my weight loss.

5/29/09 1:41 P

Unfortunately, it really is just water weight (which is only a quick fix) so it probably isn't worth all the hassle. Just keep at it and you'll eventually see results. I'm pear shaped so I have the opposite problem - my waist is getting tiny but I can never shift weight from my hips and legs. I'm just now beginning to see results in my legs so keep going and it will pay off!

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5/29/09 1:35 P

When I was in high school, back in the Dark Ages, I helped wrap a friend in plastic wrap. The theory was that forcing your body to sweat would help you to burn fat. Well, all we succeeding in doing was wasting her mother's good Saran Wrap.

There is no way to spot reduce areas of our bodies we don't like. It would be nice if we could, but we can't. if you keep up your healthy eating and exercise habits, the weight will come off eventually.

In your brother's case, guys do tend to lose off their stomachs first. That's just the way genetics is. Women lose in their tops. The hips and stomach tend to be the last place it goes, but it does go.

Are you doing any strength training ? If not, consider adding a day or two. Increase your lean muscle. the more lean muscle you carry, the more efficient your body will be at burning fat.

Doing "core" centered exercise can help your torso strength and stability. Don't just do AB work. Do core work that also works back muscles. Muscles are complimentary. If your work one, you've got to work its compliment. Otherwise, you'll end up with a muscular imbalance.

Now, instead of being negative about your tummy. Why not turn that into a positive ? Your tummy held that beautiful baby you gave birth to ! Your tummy took care of that baby for 9 months. That's quite an accomplishment.

Don't fixate on negatives. Look for positives. Believe me, my tummy is far from perfect. I've got sagging skin in places that I wish weren't there. But, you know, that sagging skin tells me how much weight I lost.

My ABs are strong. I can do things now that I couldn't do when I was a teenage. And yes, I have sagging skin.

My body isn't perfect. No one is perfect. Be proud of yourself for all your hard work.

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5/29/09 1:02 P

I can totally relate to you on the stomach/waist not getting any smaller. 2 months after I first started, I saw that it had gotten smaller. But not so much lately. I've hit some bumps in the road, and had some set backs, but I still feel like it should look smaller. It is very frustrating.
The important thing we all have to remember, (as annoying and frustrating as it is), is that we're not just doing this to look better. We're doing it to improve our overall health. So it's important to take the longer road, and avoid quick (temporary) fixes. You have obviously come a long way. Don't give up now. You can do it all on your own!!!

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5/29/09 12:56 P

I have never even heard of this but I am sure that it cant be good. Probably just water that you are losing only to gain it back as soon as you drink more I am fighting with myself internally to not try it! lol :-) emoticon

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5/29/09 12:50 P

Im just tired of working out and not seeing a lot of results in the mid section. My breasts are getting smaller my butt is getting smaller my arms and hips even a little in my thighs but the waist is not budging! And the worst part is I carry all the "chunk" in my lower stomach, its just so unattractive and it seems its getting worse because now my "assets" (chest and butt) are getting smaller making my problem areas look much bigger!

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5/29/09 12:42 P

Don't. Just don't do this, please. You're risking overheating and dehydration.

As you noted, it's water weight, not fat loss, and the weight will come back as soon as you rehydrate.

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5/29/09 12:32 P

When my brother was trying to enlist in the army years back they told him he needed to lose some weight. They said he needed to drop 40 pounds in 2 months and he did. One thing I remember him doing is wrapping his stomach in plastic wrap ( this is funny but true ) and wearing a trashbag with a sweat shirt and jogging pants while he did his cardio. I know it was probably mostly water weight that he lost but he did lose the weight and I was shocked. So the past 3 days I have been testing it out ( just the plastic wrap ) during cardio and I am noticing it in my waist. Is this really bad for you? I hope it isn't cuz my stomach is already looking better...

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