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I was 100% vegetarian for 17 years until an Alaskan cruise 10 years ago, when I added back fish/seafood. I did the CLEAN program by Dr. Alejandro Junger before my surgery because I was OD'ing on cheese, breads & sugars. Lost weight, feel great. I did the modified version, cooking soups rather than eating raw, but still felt wonderful & lost 20# in less than 2 months just eating almost like I normally do. emoticon
In that program, I did no refined sugar, no gluten & no dairy & felt SUPER! Nothing wrong with that!

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9/4/12 9:34 P

Not a diet really...just healthy eating...

Anyone else doing this? I'm not a big carbs eater anyways, so eating just what comes out of the ground without processing works well for me....I can still have carbs, potatos, rice, yams.....just no wheat/gluten/bready stuff (which I rarely eat anyways....)

I have been finding that when I do eat carbs I get rather phlegmy and gross feeling so it shouldn't be a bad thing...

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