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10/26/13 10:33 A

Very interesting, the stretching is helping my foot.

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10/25/13 8:18 A

PF is really a problem with tight calf muscles even though we feel the pain in the heel and sometimes the ankle. Some people say excess weight is a risk factor, others say there is no correlation. Mine started only after I had lost quite a bit of weight; I don't "work out" but only added walk in place to keep me from less than couch potato status, so I wasn't overexercising or doing anything strenuous. Never had a problem in earlier years when I routinely walked several miles periodically to stores, even with extra weight. My PF started on one side and then migrated to the other, then meandered back partially to the first side... I suspect the way I tend to sit while working is the key factor. So I try to remember to stretch out my legs more rather than letting one leg get scrunched into a bad position.

Anyway- I've found that night splints make a huge difference for me even though I don't keep them very tight. It apparently keeps things stretched out just enough to mean no trouble getting downstairs in the morning (any morning pain is minor with them) and it really is more comfortable on the bed with them on for me. I have tried stretching aids and exercises but found they bother my knees. I do find that doing a lot of walking in place while working makes a difference even if initially the PF makes me want to just sit. If I get up and walk while reading or watching tv or proofreading at the computer or playing a game, the pain is definitely greatly reduced or even vanishes. I wear either massage sandals (with the nubs, they are helpful even when sitting for me) or walking shoes with orthotic inserts for this, switching back and forth also helps. I do not have flat feet at all, so I didn't use any special inserts before PF but found they do help even with my good arch. I found that the days I register the most walk in place steps are the days I have the least trouble with PF. I got my splints from Scott Roberts' site and he has a huge amount of useful free info on PF plus detailed reviews from customers about the few products he sells for it (he started out with just info but people asked about products so he sells some now, he keeps the prices low). Kay Warren at is a massage therapist who has very detailed information and self-treatment suggestions on her site and also will send you free her 17 page detailed booklet on it as a PDF or Word doc. Also check out YouTube, a lot of people share their exercise or massage techniques there.

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10/21/13 2:25 P

With stretches and proper inserts, I found my PF went away after a few months.

10/21/13 2:13 P

What preventative exercises can people do to prevent PF?

Strassburg Sock at night, plantar fascia stretches throughout the day.

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10/21/13 12:21 A

I have somewhat flat feet...but don't require orthotics. I do use a well fitted Over-The Counter insert though that was recommended by my podiatrist.

My Plantar Fasciitis was actually the result of mis-fitting over-the-counter inserts which I had purchased. The Podiatrist later determined the heel cup was too narrow for my foot, and I was twisting the foot to avoid stepping on the insert! Bummer....! But my PF is not a problem now.... I still do the stretches to prevent a return however.

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SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
10/20/13 11:59 P

Can I ask do most of you have flat feet, because I have and have been getting a sharp pain in my heel but keep stretching it in the morning especially before all exercises

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10/20/13 10:44 P

Several suggestions:
Ice your feet after exercise and in the evening if they hurt;
roll a tennis ball on the floor under your arch;
do gentle lunges against a wall...the ankle movement stretches the tendon... as will standing on a low step (think curb) and dropping the heel down...
stretch the foot BEFORE getting out of bed in the morning...

...and if it still is bothersome after a week...go see a Podiatrist! There are ways of taping your foot which provide more support' and if its really injured, there are also splints available to wear at night to keep the tendon stretched. But work with a professional---you only have ONE pair of Feet!! Its WORTH it!!

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10/20/13 2:36 P


Depending on how bad your PF is, you may find cycling a good form of cardiovascular exercise that doesn't place stress on your feet. Spinning might work. however, I have known people with PF who couldn't even do spinning. They found their feet hurt whenever they rode out of the saddle.

You could try a recumbent cycle. That's the bike where you peddle in a reclined position. Swimming or water aerobics would be another good option. Many injured runners routinely hit the pool for rehab.

I've been dealing with some PF myself. I was doing stretches, but that didn't seem to help. What has helped is something another SP member recommended. They said they roll their foot with a golf ball. I went online to do some research. That is a stretch that has been shown to have results.

Well, I've been rolling my foot on a golf ball for a week and it has helped. I still have a long way to go, but the golf ball roll definitely has made a difference. I know other members use orthotic inserts. Some have custom fitted ones. others use over the counter.

You do have to be vary careful with PF. If this goes too long, you risk getting bone spurs.

FERNCREST Posts: 1,027
10/20/13 8:23 A

I feel for you as I've had it also. Cured mine by doing several foot stretches many times a day. Now I stretch them even before I get out of bed in the morning.

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10/20/13 7:42 A

I am suffering terribly with PF also. I have inserts in my shoes. The only shoes I can wear comfortably are gym shoes. The worst time is at night when I am done for the day and am sitting down watching tv. My foot throbs and I walk like an old lady. I am told that there is a surgery for this problem but it is only 30% effective. If anyone has advice I will take it!!

Yes I work out 4 days per week, but suffer afterwards.

LOTUS737 Posts: 3,624
10/20/13 12:01 A

If you can, see if your doc will give you a script for personal therapy- they'll be able to give you some exercises to try. Also, try shoe inserts- you have to break them in a bit but they've helped me a lot with my metatarsal pain (which is gone now, but when I upped my workouts it bugged me for about 6 months).

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10/19/13 10:48 P

I went all in with double exercise days (running & then an hour long workout class) before I was ready instead of building slow, and now I'm suffering with plantar fasciitis. I've been researching and have found few exercises for PF, other than stretching. What exercises are good to o when healing from PF? What preventative exercises can people do to prevent PF?

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