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8/27/12 2:22 P

Thanks for all the good info. It almost makes it a no brainer to knock out the processed food, but it is hard since that is the food we think tastes good. I did it before, so I guess I will have to buckle down and do it again. I really do feel better when I don't eat processed foods. My wrists and hands definitely appreciate it:)

8/27/12 12:37 P

I try for a plant-based diet for weight control and general health. The times in my life when I've eaten the most fruits and vegetables have corresponded to my lowest weight and highest overall well-being. I do eat lean meats and dairy, but try to avoid a lot of processed foods and focus on fruits and vegetables, grains, and nuts rather than useless stomach fillers like snack crackers, etc. I always feel better when I eat more plants.

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8/27/12 12:11 P

My mom has seen a naturopathic doctor for inflammation, and sometimes they say to avoid nightshades (certain vegetables such as green peppers). You may want to meet with a dietician to help develop a food plan to help your inflammation, though a plant based diet is a good place to start. Yoga is also excellent for people with chronic pain and inflammation, though if you have chronic joint pain, you may want to check with a doctor before starting a class.

You don't have to go vegan or vegetarian to reap the benefits of a plant based diet, and you may notice an increase in energy and an improvement in mood. You can start by cutting back meat to eating lean meat and/or lowfat dairy 3 or 4 times a week, and getting most of your carbohydrates from fresh fruits and veggies instead of from grains... though whole grains, beans, and nuts are important components of a plant based diet as well.

It's also good to avoid foods with white flour, refined sugar, corn syrup, MSG, and hydrogenated oils or high saturated fats. If you read labels, this rules out a LOT of processed foods, but leaves some healthy options. A simple rule of thumb is to avoid buying snack foods with less than 4 grams of either fiber or protein. If it has little nutritional value, it won't fill you up, and it may cause you to crave more junk food.

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8/27/12 2:45 A

I've beat my inflammation by cutting out all processed foods, sugars, and grains. I've only been eating this way since July 4, but I've done a complete turnaround in terms of my old inflammation issues. They're all gone!

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8/27/12 12:34 A

Dr. Fuhrman has a website plus some good books one of them being Eat to Live. If you want some visually quick good information on a plant based diet check out the move Forks over Knives. It is amazing. It's free on Amazon Prime. I began a plant based diet 8 days ago because of some health issues and swelling. Within two days my feet and ankles were back to normal and I dropped 4 pounds which I am sure was water. Hope this helps and hope you find some relief.

5/24/12 10:06 P

Thanks. I didn't know about the fibromyalgia. I just figured maybe a touch of arthritis with age. I wish I would have been more gentle with my body when I was younger, but I was obviously invincible:) I do plan on seeing the doctor.

5/24/12 10:59 A

You might also try reading "Eat to Live" by Fuhrman; it discusses a plant-based diet (initially plants only, but later adding in small amounts of dairy and meat if you want). A plant-based diet isn't difficult to follow.

LANTECH19446 Posts: 282
5/24/12 10:44 A

Laurie are you aware that the symptoms you're describing are also symptoms of fibromyalgia and that stimulants even natural can make it worse a whole food raw diet is often used as part of a management plan but you should really see a doctor

5/24/12 7:39 A

My inflammation is in my joints. I will have pain in my wrists, fingers, and shoulders a lot. I am always looking for natural ways to do things so I dont need to take lots of meds. Sometimes the pain I have hinders my ability to get in a quality workout. I often feel achy and thought maybe my diet could be tweaked. I seriously think I will go back to no processed foods. It is really hard to do, but with a little prepwork and lots of motivation I can do it. It really seemed to help with my headaches and pains. I gave them up for 40 days of lent. I guess I can confess to wishing there was a quick fix for pain, weight loss, etc.... I know better than that but it would be nice.

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5/24/12 3:52 A

I wouldn't listen to Dr. Oz. He seems to say whatever will get him an audience and more money from sponsors.

So far as inflammation...what sort of inflammation do you mean?

5/23/12 10:01 P

Thanks all. It wasnt even the topic of his show. Just a side comment he made. I do not usually feed into all the things I see, but thought this was interesting. I researched it some and thought it was something to look into. I will check with my doctor first. Thanks.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/23/12 6:12 P

If a person followed everything he's promoted, you'd sure be confused.
I've seen so many posts saying something like, "Dr Oz recommended this"

Your doctor, a good nutritionist or dietitian would be your best bet to create something just for you, and your needs

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5/23/12 4:33 P

While following a plant based diet may alleviate inflammation for one or more reasons becoming a vegetarian, vegan or raw foodist requires a certain level of nutritional education. Simply jumping into any kind of vegetarianism without a thorough understanding of nutrition minerals proteins amino acids and food combining can lead to many other health problems. In raw food there are many foods that can be deadly if eaten raw or processed raw in certain manners. A doctor as well as a LICENSED nutritionist is paramount in handling these problems naturally, unless of course your state licenses naturopathic doctors which will be well versed on nutrition probably far more than an MD. I would have to say also that I can not stress enough that the nutritionist needs to be licensed in most states anyone can call themselves a nutritionist even without an educational background.

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5/23/12 3:58 P

Talk to your own doctor about this. There are many types of inflammation and many types of plant-based diets, so you really need to get advice from somebody who knows exactly what type of problem you have to solve.

And most people here would recommend that you not listen to Dr. Oz for health advice. He does this kind of thing all the time, saying things that sound good but don't really mean anything. "Try a plant-based diet for inflammation" is like "Try exercise for pain." It's too vague. What kind of exercise? What kind of pain? If you mean walking for sore muscles, that's probably sensible, but if you run a marathon for a broken ankle, it's not going to turn out well.

A "plant-based diet" can mean anything from strict veganism (not even beeswax to shine your furniture) to following the old food pyramid, where plants literally formed the base but the upper third was meat and dairy. What he said isn't any more specific than "Eat well and you should feel better."

Talk to a doctor. Mehmet Oz just plays one on TV now.

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5/23/12 3:34 P

Does this differ from veganism in any way?

5/23/12 7:33 A

Did anyone ever try a plant based diet for inflammation? Dr. Oz mentioned it on his show and it caught my interest as a natural way to help with inflammation. I gave up processed foods for a month or so and felt really good, so was wondering if plant based would be something I could do. Any good suggestions for breakfast? Thanks:)

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