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10/10/13 7:34 P

WOW that is a crazy schedule. I am sure your sleep is very much disrupted.

Since the weekend is the biggest struggle, this is where you need to focus and build more structure into your plan. Remove the tempting foods from your home. Fill it with fruits and veggies and lean protein, whole grains, etc. Fill up on salads, fruits, veggies, broth based soups, etc. Enjoy low calorie smoothies. Prepare meals that are low in calories that you can use throughout the weekend.


AGGIEKBEAR03 Posts: 503
10/10/13 3:21 P

One of my favorite things to do is spend Saturday or Sunday cooking a bunch of meals to stock up my freezer. I then take some of what I cook and separate it out into individual containers to put in the freezer. I usually label each container with what is in it plus the calorie count. This way I always have healthy, quick options to take for lunch or for an easy dinner. You can also double up a recipe while cooking your normal meal (think making 2 pots of spaghetti instead of 1 and freezing the extra).

To help with the overeating, try having healthy snacks on hand already portioned out if needed. I keep KIND bars and other easy snacks in my desk at work so I always have something if I get hungry. Another thing that can help is to make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Water can help your tummy feel full when you are hungry.

As far as when you should eat what meal, just eat what sounds good at the time. If you want breakfast, eat breakfast. There is no written rule that you have to eat certain things at certain times.

Hope this helps. Good luck! emoticon

LUV4FRNFR Posts: 1
10/10/13 12:42 P

Hi, I am new here and just starting out...well starting again technically I suppose. One big area of confusion for me is working out an eat/sleep schedule that doesn't have me overeating some days or leave my stomach grumbling that works with my work schedule. My schedule doesn't change from week to week unless I pick up overtime. I work;
Thursday, overnight, 10pm-8am
Friday, overnight, 10pm-8am
Sunday, all day, 9am-9pm
Monday, evening, 3:30pm-10pm
I keep "normal hours" Sunday through Thursday morning, nap as much as my body will cooperate throughout Thursday(I usually try for 3-8:30), get as much sleep as I can all day Friday(usually 10-4), and nap Saturday morning(9-1), going to bed for the night Saturday night.
I have tried to look at the overnights as a regular day and have breakfast before work, bring lunch and have supper when I get home but because I am awake for a fair chunk of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during the day also I tend to overeat.
I know this should be simple to figure out but I just cant seem to wrap my brain around it so any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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