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11/20/13 10:40 P

I think it's clear that you are mentally on a diet and not committing to life changes. You're wanting to continue your old habits, but continue to have results someone eating healthy would? Sorry, but that's not how it works. It's understandable to want to eat some of those things still--trust me, I do (eat this things, still) all the time! The key is learning how to incorporate them in a healthy way into your everyday choices, so you don't get to the point of wanting to binge on them. I'm a sweets person, so when I want chocolate, I have a little chocolate to keep the cravings at bay. I make sure to keep it within my calorie range, and all is good. Same with things like cheesecake and pizza, which I also love. It sounds like you're looking for an answer that you know you're not going to get--you can't binge for two days and expect no consequences and there's no way around it. If there was, we wouldn't need this site!

At this point I think the real question is: do you want to do the binge and deal with the consequences, or do you want to do something on a smaller scale (or not at all) and have those consequences, instead? We're here to start taking responsibility for our choices, not to look for shortcuts that aren't there. Are you ready to take responsibility for your choices?

11/20/13 7:58 P

As the others have said---forgo the laxative idea. There is no way to remove the calories consumed with a laxative.

Water isn't going to remove the calories either.

Nothing is going to remove the calories.

You have a plan. You are going to stay in bed and eat comfort foods for 2 days. You don't want to change your plan. You have it in place. Really you shouldn't be stressing about ways to undo the calories either. You have made your plan for those 2 days.

If anything, I encourage a recovery plan for day 3. It should include "no guilt". Sounds like you already have this in place too of getting back to your typical program---full force on day 3.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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11/20/13 7:56 P

The only reason I mentioned it Serafinee, was because it is an actual problem that is much worse than enjoying the holidays, without thinking about the calories.

Christmas food is usually " bad ", but even the bad food will be eaten. The goal is to limit it to special occasions. Enjoy your Christmas, and eat without care, as long as you know that you can stop . I know I personally could not, since carby foods make me binge, and I can't stop eating.

Stay hydrated, and have fun. Don't do anything at all, except enjoy, and get back on track. No laxatives, etc. Doing things to offset off-plan eating, just makes it feel like punishment. By New Years, you will have lost any weight you gain. It happens. Just go right back to your normal routine.

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11/20/13 6:41 P

Awww, you don't sound retarded, sorry if I made you feel that way.

I usually have one "free" day a week myself, but I still kinda keep it in moderation - but hey that's just me. I love good food, too ;)

We have Thanksgiving next week, so that's going to be a free day for me, as well as for a lot of others.

Here's a question - am I classifying the word free differently than binge in my own mind?


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What happends on the third day? The same thing that happends when I go out to pizza hut with my friends and I eat a salad, and the same thing that's been happening my whole life. I suck it up and just don't. And the laxative thing was an honest to god question (which I asked BECAUSE I don't know much about it, never ever used that), so cut down on the judgement please. If I was on that side of the "tracks" I would have posted on one of those forums, not here. Ok, maybe binge was a bad choice of words. I mean it's not like I'm going to eat till I get sick or something. I just don't want to have any restrictions for the type of food I eat.
Anyway, sorry I asked. Seems like what I'm planning is blasphemy for the atmosphere around here.

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11/20/13 6:36 P

Serafineee. Define binge.

Are you talking about eating a big Christmas dinner, and some sweets, and cookies while decorating the tree, and maybe some frosted cinnamon rolls on Christmas for breakfast, while opening presents. Just eating some of your favorites. I think if this is what you mean, then go ahead.

Or are you talking about gorging yourself on 10,000-15000 calories of whatever is available, as long as it is on your list of " bad " foods?

Just because you eat off plan for 2 days, does not mean it is a binge. I second the drink plenty of water idea.

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11/20/13 6:28 P

Why am I doing this? Why not is the question! :))
I mean, I personally don't think we need to deprive ourselves forever and ever of the things we love. It's not healthy for your mind. Sure, there are people that can rise above that most of the time, but even those people get frustrated sometimes. I maintained my weight for 7 years by eating healthy 6 days a week and then go crazy and eat whatever for 1 day. I needed that day, I love food, just like I need that binge. The only reason I broke that cycle is because I had a really really bad year or so (career crash, lost the love of my life and then a death in the family) that broke my inner balance so I found comford in food, and too much of it for that matter. But since now I'm starting to get my life back on track, I got back to healthy eating and lost 6kg already.
But still, I need those 2 days of no worries, of happy happy food :). Because it's Christmas, which is a magical time for me. I always feel like a child on Christmas, and I like to eat yummy food and get presents and watch cartoons. I know it sounds retarded :)) but I have alot to deal with on a daily basis so it's like I'm signing off from my adult status for a couple of days. So yeah, that's why I'm doing it, and moderation is not what I'm looking for but thank you for your reply anyway. :)

Thanx for the water advice, seems like a good and healthy way to go. Either way I drink my 10 glasses of water every day, I'll just keep on doing that, :)

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11/20/13 6:27 P


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11/20/13 6:26 P

yeah....but sometimes hard to stop

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11/20/13 6:20 P

I expect someone from SP will be along to say " Whoa " very soon.

The idea that you would resort to laxatives just so you could binge, kind of says it all. That is a major problem, and I'm not going to suggest anything, just wanted to say that. I used to binge a lot, and saying that you will quit in 2 days might not be something you can control. Binges are an eating disorder, and can't be controlled, just like saying you were going to do some crack over Christmas break, and then quit. I am trying to be humorous here, but what happens if on the third day, you really want to keep eating pie, and turkey, and mac and cheese?

I saw the title earlier, and was going to come in and say .. you need help with a planned binge.. okay, I'll eat 1/4 of it. I thought it would be funny. I really thought you had a planned " cheat ", and it turned into a binge, and you needed help getting back on track.

I just hope you don't to permanent damage. I would avoid laxatives, and try to just get back on track afterwards. Laxatives, or diuretics will cause water weight loss, and frequent use can cause kidney issues, and heart palpitations. You would be messing with your electrolytes. I doubt I would be able to talk you out of it, so I won't try. My only suggestion, is you eat the food, and don't do anything. Accept the weight loss, and get back on track. I also hope that your binges aren't anything like mine were ( 5,000-8000 calorie meals ), and if they are, watch your sodium.

Good Luck ( with your health, not the binge ).

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11/20/13 6:11 P

Make sure to drink lots of water. You might even find that you end up "binging" less if you do this.

I have planned cheat/reward days or meals. I actually find that I end up eating less than I thought I would.

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11/20/13 5:28 P

Lol..I couldn't even imagine planning that!! I've had "binges", but....

No judgement here, but I am really curious as to why. Is it that you feel you need to reward yourself in someway? I've my eye on a ring I'd like to buy myself as a reward for when I hit my goal.

I don't think there is anyway to minimize the damage (that I know of)...and laxatives? Yikes!

I'd only suggest this, besides maybe rethinking doing it, perhaps scale it back. I've no idea what quantities you're thinking, but maybe 3 sodas each day (total), maybe getting a bag of those cheese cake bites and planning 1/2 of the bag the 1st day, 1/2 bag 2nd day. Maybe order one small pizza for two days?

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Hello there Spark People :)

So, I've been on a diet for over a month now and I've lost 6kg (about 13lbs) and I'm doing quite fine morale wise. I plan to keep going cuz I have 10kg more to go till I reach my initial weight. I've had a really rough year and a half and overate like crazy due to the stress and that's how I gained this insane amount of weight, But besides that I've been maintaining my 55-57kg weight since I was 20 years old.

Anyways, so I'm planning a crazy binge for Christmas this year. Just 2 days of saying in bed watching old Disney cartoons and eating cheesecake and pizza and pasta and drinking Coke (god how I miss real Coke). I know those aren't very "christmasy" meals but that's what I like.

So my very serious cry for help for you guys is this - is there any way to minimise the damage I'm going to do in those 2 days. And I don't mean things like portion control and eating an apple instead of cake. Noap! I deserve to stop thinking about that for 2 days. I'm gonna go back to my usual diet right after the binge but I do want to minimise the damage if I can. And since it's a one time thing (or a very rarely one) you can recommend even stuff that isn't considered "natural" or "healthy", Like a substantial dose of laxatives, I heard that helps but I dunno if that's true. Is it?
I could really use some help guys! I have a really slow metabolism, always had, and I know those days are gonna cost me alot if I don't at least try to do small things to minimise the damage.

Anyways, so this is me! :)
Any reply would be much much appreciated!

Live long and prosper :)

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