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8/3/12 9:43 P

Thank you all for the advice! At least now I know that it's not just me!

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7/31/12 9:16 P

I feel your pain, I have trouble with planks too! I did an /actual/ (not modified) plank today and could only hold it for like five seconds. You'll get there, though, just keep working all the muscles out! I couldn't do a single one when I started ST a month ago.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,437
7/31/12 8:40 P

One of the reasons planks are such a great exercise is that so many muscles are working to keep you stabilized. Strength training is meant to be challenging, and your muscles should feel 'used' (although not painful) afterwards.

I agree with the comments about the positioning of your hands. A modified plank (on your elbows) gives a more stable platform, and although it will still work your shoulders, is a slightly easier exercise.


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7/31/12 4:03 P

Make sure your arms (whether on elbows or arms out completely straight) are directly underneath your shoulders in a straight line. Angling them either up, down or out too far will cause undue strain on your shoulders and arms.

However, even with good form it does give your arms a workout, so you may be a little sore for a bit. Are your arms sore right afterward, or is it DOMS?

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7/31/12 9:21 A

I definitely second working on upper body strength. My shoulders, back and arms were never very strong, but working on them has helped me alleviate a lot of the pain/soreness I felt during planks.

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7/31/12 9:16 A

You may not be doing anything wrong. Planks are something you can build up to. Start with modified planks, going onto your elbows/forearms instead of your hands. You can also put your knees on the ground as in a modified push-up, just be sure to keep your butt down. Then you can work to getting your knees off the ground, then move to a full plank. You might also try some wall push-ups to start to build some upper body strength to help with planks.

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7/31/12 9:03 A

Alright, I have a confession. I cannot do planks. Of any kind. I don't know if it's my form or if I'm just not strong enough yet. But every time I try to do them, my arms hurt afterwards. I'm engaging my core (I think!). What am I doing wrong?!

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