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5/20/14 10:05 P

I agree with Coach Jen - aim at an all-body workout, not just planks. A simple routine that works all the major muscle groups in the body would be:

* squats/lunges
* planks
* deadlifts
* pushups
* pull-ups/lat pull downs/bent over dumbell

Also, if your arms are hurting during planks, try modified planks (ie. on your elbows).


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5/20/14 7:37 P

My suggestion would be to start a regular strength training routine that includes exercises for upper body, lower body and core. Planks are a great core exercise, but adding some upper and lower body to that (doing the routine 2-3 times per week) is a great way to gain overall body strength. If you are looking for ideas of a routine to follow, check out SparkPeople's Workout Generator:

Hope that helps! Good luck!

Coach Jen

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5/20/14 3:40 P

I'm going to start exercising again.
I'll be doing Plank Exercises until I can hold on for 3 minutes+! (30 sec-1 minute now)
Then move onto something else.
I'm obese and have been eating meat and just bad food... bad bad diet!
So everyday now I'll start doing Plank Exercises...

Need some advice..
Are my arms out of shape? Because, when I do the plank exercise (Doing the right position) my arms hurt.
I guess I'm going to start using my dumbells to strengthen my arms.. lifting up and reach up over my shoulders.. while doing my plank exercises? I can hold until 30 seconds..
My body shakes after a few seconds though.

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