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5/10/14 9:39 A

WOW!!. emoticon didn't mean to get everyone all riled up. My son and I went for a little while but not long so we stopped going but while I was going they were very helpful and nice to both of us.
They fixed out a training workout plan for me and I'm sure that if I continued I would have lost some weight. I just wanted to know a little more about it. After reading all of these I don't know. I want to go back by myself since my some is doing his own thing I guess what I will do is check it out for my self.

They have.a special going on till the 14th of this month. A breast awareness special. I can join for a donation fee of 5.00 plus tax.I ask them how much money will I need today to join and she said 9.dollars today and it's 15..00 per month with no contract of any kind. I can quit when ever I want to.
I just want lose some weight and be healthier. I'm 67 so not concerned about getting kicked out for the way I'm dressing or what ever.
Thank you all for your opinion. Good luck to you all on your weight loss journey.

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GINNABOOTS Posts: 7,440
5/3/14 11:15 A

My niece and her friends are members and they love it. I went one time as a guest and it was great. Had no problems. I haven't joined yet because I workout outside in the summer, but I plan on joining in the fall.

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5/3/14 12:00 A

Their 'philosophy' is admirable but its execution is not. They are a gym designed for individuals who want to be healthier without becoming 'fitness nuts'. The gyms are designed for non-athletic people. It's a great idea to make a gym targeted for the average individual but the problem is: what are you going to do with people who are athletic who want to work out there?

People get kicked out all the time for wearing athletic clothing that is "too tight" or for breathing or grunting too loud.

5/1/14 6:05 P


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5/1/14 10:42 A

Another possible source of opinions specific to the location you'd be using is to check Yelp. If there's an active Yelp community where you live, there will likely be write-ups.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,427
5/1/14 9:42 A

Each PF location can be very different from what I hear. I don't go primarily because the one closest to me is packed 24/7 - by by at all sorts of hours during the week, and it's still full. Like parking lot full, and it's no small parking lot. They've expanded, but it is always jam packed. Instead, I go to local gym where I pay $15 per month. Lots of dude bros and muscle types at times, but quieter with a nice core group of regulars. I'd love to go to the Y, but it's too expensive.

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4/30/14 10:48 P

There were lots of hearsay posts on here and just because possibly one PF does something stupid doesn't mean every PF is like that. One stated if people lifted heavy weights they rang a bell really. Mine would have to have a bell 1st. They encourage everyone there and are actively involved if the member wants that. Yes they have some people that go to my PF that not anyone probably could do the workouts these people do. One guy in particular does some killer workouts that I will never be able to do and he isn't being judged for doing hard workouts.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 15,220
4/30/14 7:09 P

I have a friend that goes and she seems to like it.

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4/30/14 9:07 A

The only digging on PF people are doing is sharing their own experiences. I was just happy that my poor experience happened during a free trial and I never gave them any money. I didn't like being told to not breathe heavy when sprinting, so I don't go there. The OP asked for opinions so that's what we're doing.

ZURICHMAN SparkPoints: (1,775)
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4/30/14 8:54 A

Why is everyone digging on Planet Fitness all of a sudden. I'm not a gym rat and really don't like going to a gym as I just really like to work outside. That being said I was about 20-25 lbs. overweight from not exercising the last couple of years. I started at Planet Fitness, saw an exercise workout in Bicycling Mag. recommended for cyclists for over the winter. The trainer there looked at the article and set up a work out program for me that worked. I lost 20 lbs. in 3 months and 4 inches off my waist from that workout program and didn't see anything or what other posters stated here. The only thing that was said to me was once I went in with blue jeans on and that is against the dress code. The metal buttons on the jeans probably wear out the seats on the equipment so I was good with that.

My Planet Fitness had no pizza, rang no bells and judged no one. All they did was encourage me and others to get fit no matter how much weight you wanted to lift. I saw one guy lifting over 600 lbs. with his legs and doing some killer workouts.

If you don't like Planet Fitness don't go there. Pay high dollars for some other place you want to go, but don't drag down a place that has a facility for people to get fit.

YANKEEGIRL6 Posts: 1,178
4/29/14 9:47 A

I go to Planet Fitness. The location is convenient, the price is right, and it meets my needs. That being said, I'm definitely more of a casual exerciser. I have a congenital heart condition that prevents me from lifting heavy or training for a marathon. My goal is not to be ripped. I'm not looking for "real results" that some more fit people than I am chastise me for not seeking. I want to go at lunch time, spend 45 minutes on a pretty basic workout, and get back to work. If you're a serious gym rat, it's probably not for you. If you're a beginner, it's probably a great place to start. Depending on your goals, realize that it's a place to start and you'll eventually outgrow the place. That's ok too.

As far as people getting kicked out for what they wear, I've never seen it happen at my Planet Fitness. When I'm there at lunch time, it's mostly working stiffs on their lunch trying to get it done and get out. However, when I joined, I was given and asked to sign a copy of the dress code that prohibits some of the things that I've heard people complain they were kicked out for wearing. If you want to work out in a string tank top or with your belly exposed, Planet Fitness is probably not a good fit for you.

I've never been offered pizza at my Planet Fitness, but I've also never been told by a staff member that I won't bulk up so I should use heavier weights like I was at Urban Active. Yeah, I know I won't bulk up but my cardiologist knows more than the trainer about what limits needs to put on my already compromised heart.

It's all about finding what's a good fit for you. If we all needed the same things, there would only be one gym.

CAROLINAGIRL69 SparkPoints: (72,350)
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4/28/14 1:22 P

I have several friends that have memberships at PF and they all love it. I did not join because I want a gym that offers yoga classes.

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4/28/14 12:25 P

Heard that PF has a NO-NO list...such as no sleeveless muscle type T-shirts. It's a no frills
gym. 'Ya get what 'ya pay for.

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4/27/14 12:15 P

This girl is 5 foot nothing, a bikini model, and could kick most of those guys' asses. It's a shame they don't support strong females, in my opinion.

We have an older woman at my gym who works out in a sports bra and shorts. She is very tall and rather large. I love her self-confidence and would hate to see her reprimanded at a place like this!

When I no longer have the free membership at mine I will probably go to one of the $10 options but will stay away from PF!

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4/27/14 12:01 P

Actually lunks are the people that grunt loudly and drop weights (or at least they're supposed to be). I wish my Planet Fitness would at least reprimand the obnoxious grunting, posturing guys that always seem to mysteriously congregate around me these days. I can only turn my MP3 player up so loud and sometimes it's not enough to drown them out and they become really disruptive and irritating.

That aside, I find Planet Fitness really pleasant and affordable. It really isn't meant for trainers and hardcore, really fit people. It's meant for the "regular" people who want to be healthier without investing tons of money in a gym where they'll feel intimidated and awkward and judged for being fat or out of shape the whole time, and who likely won't use much of the fancy equipment anyway. So for someone getting started, on a budget or doesn't care about fancy equipment, and who can follow a simple dress code, it's great. For people who want to show off (or work out with a bare belly), not so much.

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (94,938)
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4/27/14 11:13 A

My trainer friend got warned twice and threatened to be kicked out until she decided to leave on her own, just the other day. The call it "Lunked." Like, if you're actually lifting heavy weights you're a "lunkhead" and not allowed... They ring a big bell and call attention to you. How dare you actually try to get fit!


I will never set foot in one of these places, that's for sure!

SARAHANN01 SparkPoints: (1,660)
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4/27/14 7:53 A

Coral Posted:
"If you plan on going to the gym to actually get a great workout, they will kick you out."

"if you look too buff or look like you are showing off in their opinion, they will kick you out."

I am not trying to start something here, and I am not trying to come to the defense on Planet Fitness. I am only commenting because I do not want someone for whom Planet Fitness might be the only affordable option to consider not going because of statements like these. Planet Fitness is what started me on my journey, and I probably would not have lost the 18 lbs that I did without it.

These statements make is sound like you absolutely will get kicked out if you are in shape and actually know how to work out. This is simply not true. I primarily used the free weight section 3 out of the 4 years that I went there with no problem. As stated below, some Planet Fitness facilities actually have a large free weight section.

My brother definitely looks "buff" by anyone's standards, works out in a beater, and never once had a problem. He did eventually switch to a different gym, but that is only because he was getting to the point where their dumbbells were too light. I believe they go up to 80 lb each so if your fitness level is below that you should be fine. That is not something that I ever see myself surpassing. While I do not consider myself "buff" by any means, I am size 4 and have some definition. I worked out in a tank top and shorts for years with no problem.

I personally have seen a few news stories like the one listed below where a woman was asked to change because she was showing bare midriff. I have not seen that in person, but I do not doubt that it has happened. So if you are someone that is looking to show bare midriff maybe a different gym would be better. Anything company that is popular is bound to have some bad reviews, but if Planet Fitness is your only option don't be scared off! Bad reviews and "horror" stories just make better news. :)

-CORAL- SparkPoints: (39,964)
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4/26/14 6:50 P

Well their tag line is No Gymtimidation. So if you plan on going to the gym to actually get a great workout, they will kick you out. They have kicked out Spark members who were doing actual weight training, I have read blogs. Also if you look too buff or look like you are showing off in their opinion, they will kick you out. There are news stories about this.

SARAHANN01 SparkPoints: (1,660)
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4/26/14 8:13 A

I was a member of Planet Fitness for 4 years so I feel like I have some experience here. I started at Planet Fitness the beginning of my sophomore year of college and continued with them for a year after college. Most people can attest to the fact that those are years where a person is pretty broke. My college did not have a good fitness facility, and I could not find anywhere that could beat $20 for gym and tanning. I have been to many Planet Fitness facilities (honestly, probably 15-20, with the black card you can go to any facility) in various states because as an out of state college student I traveled a good bit.

1. The first thing that I want to emphasize is that EVERY SINGLE Planet Fitness is VERY different. Planet Fitness is a franchise, and it seems like every one of them has a pretty good amount of flexibility in how they are set up. I have been to some with a large section of free weights, and I have been in some where the free weight section is almost non-existent. Definitely tour the facility to make sure they can offer what you want.

2. I have NEVER witnessed any of the "horror" stories of people being asked to leave or scolded for silly things (and yes, I would frequently go in a tank top and shorts with a gallon sized water bottle). Overall, I have found that the staff are not abundantly helpful, but I have never experienced outright rudeness.

3. Planet Fitness facilities tend to be very busy during the hours of 5-8 PM so that is something to consider if that is when you were primarily intending on going. As a college student my schedule was varied so I typically did not have to go during those peak hours.

In essence, in my experience, it's really not a terrible place overall. I would definitely recommend it if (1) you have never had a gym membership before and want to see if you will enjoy going to a gym before committing to something expensive, or (2) it is the only place that fits your current financial situation. However, if you truly can afford more ($40+) for a gym membership there definitely are better options.

EDIT: I forgot to add - The main reason I cancelled is because the area I currently live in only has one Planet Fitness about 20 minutes away in a kind of rougher neighborhood. I did not feel comfortable going alone, and mine and my husband's schedules do not always match up so I was not using it enough at that point to keep it. All I had to do to cancel was go to the front desk and say, "I want to cancel." They gave me a paper to sign, and I have not been charged since.

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ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (148,742)
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4/26/14 6:01 A

BARBZUMBA SparkPoints: (10,783)
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4/25/14 2:01 P

Jeez Louise..were you breathing though a bullhorn? That is over the top funny. I rather be on a
pay-as-go plan, but most gyms don't offer it.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (148,742)
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4/25/14 1:44 P

I heard they do stuff like kick people out who are wearing (perfectly respectable) workout tanks, ban deadlifts, feed members pizza to keep them overweight and generally give anyone who is actually there to work out hard a hard time.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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4/25/14 1:37 P

Not so much hidden fees, but they make it *really* hard to cancel the membership. I went to one near my parents with a free trial coupon once. One of the staff came up to me in the middle of my treadmill workout and told me I needed to quiet down my breathing. Needless to say I did not convert the trial into a membership.

BARBZUMBA SparkPoints: (10,783)
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4/25/14 1:22 P

Planet Fitness....My local one was running a $10 a month membership offer. Do you think
this is a come on and there are hidden fees when they get you to sign up?

JEANM_1322 SparkPoints: (380)
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4/24/14 9:02 P

I actually JUST got out of there. I like them just fine. I would prefer YMCA if I could afford it though. The PF people are really nice and it's great because no one tells you that you are doing anything wrong, everyone kinda just keeps to themselves. I enjoy that aspect of the gym. Plus they are very well equipped, I just wish they had a pool

JCOW84 SparkPoints: (9,041)
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4/24/14 8:55 P

I don't know anything about Planet Fitness, but I do know that you have to be careful with gyms that charge an automated monthly fee out of your bank account because it can really hard to stop payments if you cancel, at least in Canada. Try and make sure you find a place were you can pay in advance without giving them access to your bank or credit card info.

4/24/14 7:14 P

Anyone going to Planet Fitness? What is your opinion about it?

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