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10/9/13 4:28 P

My best bet has always been to START with the chiropractor and then move on to either physical therapy or a trainer who knows how to help with recovery from injuries or imbalances or whatever caused your initial situation.

...been there, done that! It takes TIME to build up what needs to be strengthened.

10/9/13 2:29 P

It's best to see a physical therapist, to get a customized routine based on what you can and cannot do. If you have a herniated disc, you could make it worse by following random advice off the web.

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10/9/13 1:57 P

I'm not sure how I injured it.
I've had back/neck problems ever since a car wreck 2 years ago.
I do try not to slouch but I sit in an office chair all day so I'm sure my posture has something to do with it. It wasn't just a sudden injury, it was more over the course of the month until it became unbearable and I went to the doc.

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10/9/13 1:35 P

Sorry to hear about your nerve :(
Doc and therapy are the way to go. Don't push too hard and reinjure either.
How did you injure it?

10/9/13 12:04 P

What is the pinched nerve from? Did you have an injury? Do you slouch?

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10/9/13 9:17 A

Thank you.
I went to the doctor recently and he prescribed some pain killers and said to do some exercises for a couple of months before considering physical therapy.
I was really hoping to avoid that since I just got a new place and I'm just always broke lol.

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10/9/13 6:22 A

I agree with the previous poster. A physical therapist is the most qualified person to design a set of exercises specific to your needs.

Coach Jen

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10/8/13 7:55 P

I would suggest you have your doctor refer you to a physical therapist. I believe that really is going to be your best course of action.

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10/8/13 7:26 P

I have been browsing the web all day trying to find a good set of exercises to help my pinched nerve.
I have a pinched nerve in my back and it feels like my back from the base of my spine to my shoulder blades is on fire. It starts in the center of my back then spreads during the day.
OTC meds don't seem to help and it seems like most of the exercises I try either make it feel worse or don't help at all.
Besides suffering through until I lose a good amount of weight, does any one know of any good exercises to help with the pain?
Any suggestions would be helpful.

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