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1/2/12 5:59 P

Thanks, Coach Nancy.

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1/2/12 5:17 P


You do need to continue with a strength training program even if you take Pilates.

Pilates is great for core development, but it is not a substitution for strength training.

Congrats on your AWESOME journey to health!

Coach Nancy

SLENDERELLA61 SparkPoints: (161,599)
Fitness Minutes: (118,391)
Posts: 8,253
1/2/12 4:34 P

I am planning to do 3 pilates classes a week. Do I need to do other strength training, too? In 2010 I did machines at gym 3x a week and increased weight regularly. In 2011 I cut back to 2x (and missed some due to pneumonia and colds) a week and dropped back some in weight because I was running competitively and hate to run sore. I am 62 year old female now at goal weight who spent most of her years as an obese couch potato.

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