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1/8/11 6:42 P

as i previously written - i am trying to adapt to eating right to bring my weight down - i was 275 and went to 232 for 4 years, and now i have balloned back up again, and this yo-yo diest is not good for the heart, so you message sounds great, but how can i find something that will help me - not to mention that i don't excerise at all - whrn i was in the military - i said i would never watch my weight again - but never say never - because you will eat those words, so HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1/8/11 6:38 P

hello every one - i am new to all this - this was interesting. i am also a picky eater. i eat vegetables but depending on what it is but the main thing is that i love a green salad - now i hate all dairy products except for cheese (like on a hamburger or on my salad) and yet, i am as big as a house. i don't exercise, because i am over 50 and i appear to be slowing down - now don't get me wrong, but i do need some inspiration here. i can't find a 1200 calorie menu that is satiable for me - because that means i have to cook 2 means - my husband is a lot smaller than i, and also on a serious budget. i have recently retired from the government but not drawing my retirement (because of this age thing - but i can my this next birthday) anyway my husband gives me so much - and most of it goes on my grandson, but i am weaning my daughter that his father needs to start taking care of their son and not make me the primary caretaker, i didn't retire to raise a child. any way not to give my life's history, just want to know how can i get over this.

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1/8/11 8:28 A

you could try roasting them as they taste completely different to boiled or steamed

broccolli and cauliflower are delish roasted with a bit of parmesan on when finished

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1/5/11 11:22 P

Try mixing the veggies into some of your favorite foods. If you like spaghetti, then add a few veggies to the sauce. You could also blend them up first and then add them.

1/4/11 1:34 P

I was never a picky eater but my sisters were (well, they still kind of are).

But they did try new things and they like new stuff now. What did they do?

they got themselves to actually try it. dont just try it once...try different things a couple of might actually like it!

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1/3/11 10:45 P

I copied this from a different thread I replied to on the same topic.....

I bought the book and use the recipes from Deceptively Delicious. I don't have issues with vegetables, in fact I love them, but wanted to find ways to sneak them in as much as possible, for nutrition more than filling my stomach.

Most of the recipes in the book taste great to me - some needed a little tweaking, but I think that might have been more to do with personal preference than inaccuracy in the actual recipe.

What about veggies in a soup? You can mince them in a food processor, or even steam/bake and puree them - you'll get used to the taste, and can start gradually increasing the size of the pieces until you're used to it.

Add frozen peas or corn, or mixed cut veggies to chili, curry, casseroles etc, especially ones with rice, their shape will be hidden in with the rice until you get used to the texture.

I like Doc's Chili from the Biggest Loser cookbook. Basically, take a pound of meat (I use beef and rinse the fat off, the recipe calls for ground turkey). Brown it, drain any fat (rinse if it's beef). Add a jar of spaghetti sauce (low salt if you can find it, one that's about 50 cal per 1/2 cup is a good choice). Add 2 large cans of the beans of your choice (black, kidney, chick peas etc), mushrooms, onion, pepper, and spices like chili powder, black pepper, and Mrs Dash fajita seasoning to taste. I personally don't like the texture of mushrooms, but love the flavor, so I process them until minced, same with the onions and peppers to get a smoother texture. Add water til it's the right consistency for you, simmer 30 mins to an hour. Makes about 5 cups of chili.

I've also made soup based with vegetable juice. Use a 2L bottle, add noodles or rice, a little chicken stock powder if you like. Again, add minced or pureed vegetables to make it thicker if you like. Maybe some cooked beef or cubed chicken for protein. Makes about 10-12 cups of soup.

If you like smoothies, try adding a little spinach or some cooked carrots to the smoothie. I have a recipe for a carrot ginger and orange smoothie, I've never had it, but it sounds pretty good.

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1/2/11 10:23 P

I don't know if this will help, but I made myself tolerate beans by mixing (hiding) them with something else like rice or chunks of meat. I'll never LOVE taking a big bite, but I can eat them as a side dish.

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12/31/10 3:04 P

How does a person get over being a very picky eater? I like fruit but veggies I just haven't been able to make myself eat. I do like fresh spinach in a salad but other than that, I just haven't been able to do it. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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