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10/12/11 8:05 P

I should say's not strenuous in a respiratory way. You will still work your muscles something fierce!

MONICUDDLE SparkPoints: (647)
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10/12/11 8:04 P

I promote it everywhere I can - Pilates! It's slow and relaxing and not at all strenuous unless you're doing it wrong.

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10/12/11 2:21 P

How about starting with a walk around the neighborhood ? walking is wonderful cardiovascular exercise and the fresh air will do you some good.


KYLIAK Posts: 252
10/12/11 2:06 P

So i just got over a nasty bout with the flu. I want to get back to exercising. I know I should start slow but how slow. Also I am stuffed in the head. Any ideas of some good exercises to get me started that wont push me too hard.

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