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5/3/14 8:36 A

Congratulations on your progress!

5/2/14 7:52 A

It's only been since Sunday that I have been tracking and have been avoiding as many carbs as possible. Thursday, I fit into jeans that were a size smaller--granted they run big--but I hadn't been able to wear them as they were too tight in the waist.

Yesterday, I kinda thought my shirt was a little loose on my--towards my mid section. I chalked it up to wishful thinking. Don't you know, my husband comes home and says "WOW, look at you!" He noticed that my shirt fit me different too--as soon as he came in from work! I guess it really wasn't just wishful thinking after all. :) (I am so blessed to have him walking this journey with me!)

Saturday will be a little difficult, as we have his Company picnic at the minor league baseball game. Drinking won't be an issue as my body doesn't tolerate beer, rather it will be the buffet--finding something on it that won't through me off track. I think I have enough determination to forgo most of what isn't healthy, but from the menu I will really have to watch what fits for us. And I will have to gently suggest to my husband what to avoid. I really want to see if following this plan will result in "resetting" our metabolism.

Hope everyone sees some results this week!

4/30/14 9:01 A

Started Spark People over a year ago--was doing really well and then life happened. After a brief illness last summer, (took care of her at her home with help from Hospice) she passed. The stress of dealing with that, dealing with siblings through the courts due to my dad having dementia, it was only too easy to "deserve a treat", time after time. Finally feeling like I am actually living again, rather than simply going through the day.

Picked up a book, The Metabolism Miracle that lit a spark in me. I am smart enough to know there is no true "Miracle". If so we all would be thin. Having type 2 diabetes, I know how carbs effect me. This is a 3 step plan--the thought that perhaps we can give our organs a break from all of the stress and overwork we have subjected them to resulting in a "new" fat burning metabolism. Started Sunday and so far only hit a few bumps. The biggest is eating when I should, the other finding something that eliminates the desire to mindless munch.

After spending so much time locked in my sorrow, anger and self pity, I have lost so much muscle and flexibility, so in addition to walking again, full body stretches have me really sore. Have to continue working on that before any strength training program can begin.

I have the very best partner to walk this journey with husband. Don't know if it is a blessing that we both have the same type of metabolism, at least we can hold hands as we face our journey together.

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