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8/3/13 7:10 A

I feel your frustration, having dealt with depression since I was young. I agree heartily that good nutrition ( those sugar swings only make things worse) and exercise are an important foundation to managing depression. I have found a few other tricks to help. Regular to bed and up times for sleep, uplifting music ( research has found that happy classical is still the most effective, but listen to whatever works for you), when you get up in the morning turn all the lights on, also get some sunshine when you can without the sunglasses on for a few minutes each day, limit T.V. and computer time, don't be alone ( doing for others during this time is key. Ask about them, volunteer, play a card game, etc.), and pamper yourself a little ( care and nurture - you do matter) . When I get down, I start to use these tools consciously and usually within a few days I begin to feel like I can handle life again.

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8/2/13 11:11 P

there is no doubt that mental and physical problems can slow your progress. having psychosis leads to poor motivation. and obesity aggravates pain when trying to be mobile with arthritis

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7/6/13 3:58 P

thanks heaps everyone for the advice and sharing of stories. I have joined a challenge to do 10 mins exercise a day and Ive managed a litre of water a day for the last week too :) I have a few specialist appointments over the next few weeks so some massive changes could be ahead.......but these things could change my life and ability to do so much more.....excited! emoticon

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7/6/13 12:48 P

yes. back pain and mentruation issues (fatigue, cramps, etc.)

7/6/13 12:30 P

I, too, suffer from depression, and I am not on medication, although I have been before. I know how hard it is to motivate yourself to get started. However, even though it is still hard some days, I know that putting whole, nutritious foods into my body will give me more energy, and putting that energy into exercise will make me feel fantastic. I promise it is easier to stick with it once you get started. emoticon If you're like me, you'll become addicted (in a good way!) to the feelings you get from exercising and eating healthy. I am most definitely a happier person for it, and that has nothing to do with the weight loss. I have gotten to the point where when I start feeling depressed, angry, upset, etc., I make myself get outside to exercise (being outside helps a lot more than I would have expected when I started). I NEVER regret it, and it is worth the effort it sometimes takes to get me out, although most days, it really doesn't take much. You CAN do this. Start small, like the others have said, and aim for 10-15 minutes of exercise a day for a week, and perhaps all 8 glasses of water a day and/or at least 3 fruits/vegetables. Small, easily attainable goals. Reaching those will help with your confidence and just make you feel better, overall.

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7/6/13 12:11 P

maybe talk to your doctor. I know before I started my antidepressants I could NOT make myself exercise. all it took was a low dose of antidepressants to get me moving. (well not all it took, but it sure helped A LOT!!)

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7/6/13 6:01 A

I agree with BIGBADMOMMABEAR. Start small. Since you are battleing with depression I'd start with exercise. Aim for 10 -15-30 mins a day (whatever you can handle). Find an activity you like (walking, running, biking, etc) and tell yourself you will do that for XX amount of time every day for 1 week.

Good luck. I know depression is hard. God bless.

7/6/13 4:58 A

Pick a couple of small goals and aim for consistency. Like walk 10 minutes a day. I've been struggling with a hip injury and that's what I've been doing.

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7/6/13 4:37 A

Im struggling to get started on my new programme (eating etc)......I happen to be struggling with my health and depression and the moment but I know if I can get things rolling with my eating and exercise it will help......suggestions???

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