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4/2/13 5:47 P

Thanks so much for all the good information here. I have Sciatic nerve problem with much pain and I am wanting to exercise for I want to lose. I enjoyed your article. Thanks Joan

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3/28/13 4:09 P

It's good that you're doing yoga - I find I can run and walk with fewer niggles when I pay attention to my posture and to good form. I found Danny Dreyer's Chi Running book good (he also has a Chi walking one, haven't looked at that) but a lot of the "core" ideas (in every sense of the word) are also things that come up at yoga. You might also want to see a physiotherapist about exercises you should be doing to maximise strength or flexibility in specific joints. And maybe check if you need any orthotics as well as good shoes.

I find forest paths easier on my ankles and knees than concrete or asphalt, but I couldn't use the Couch to 5K podcasts in the woods because the terrain keeps changing and it's hard to dose the effort precisely. Beginning runners are supposed to avoid hills entirely (hard on the achilles tendons etc.) but I found it hard to avoid hills AND hard surfaces. (In a city built on 7 hills, I live behind the eighth.)

I also found that Couch to 5K progresses quite quickly - probably much too quickly for anybody with pre-existing issues. I jog 5 - 10k a few times a week now - but it has taken me an entire autumn, winter and spring to get that far, and I was already dabbling a bit with jog-walking in the summer.

I'm just back from a run now - up through the twilight forest to the big plane tree that stands alone in the meadow at the top of the hill, down past the monastery and the cathedral to the river, along the river on the towpath and then up through the suburbs to get home as the rain got heavier and the night darker.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,158
3/28/13 11:15 A


Did you know that avoiding sugar will help you reduce joint pain greatly...

other things that contribute to joint pain are soda even the diet soda, MSG, Nitrates, sometimes coffee, and wheat. I stopped eating WHEAT AND WHITE BREAD BECAUSE IT GAVE MY BLOOD A SUGAR SURGE......since avoiding these and other wheat products I no longer have any pains and no longer get food cravings.

Hope your better soon!

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3/21/13 5:16 A

It sounds like that guy was very helpful:-)


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3/20/13 7:18 P

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful support and words of encouragement!
What I've done is went and got my foot sized today turns out that I'm size 6 in women's Nike's, if I switch to another brand those shoes are sized differently which would put me into Juvenal Shoes and I don't want that because they have no arch support.
I was also dealing with my heal slipping as I would stride the guy who helped me was wonderful in showing me a lacing trick that so far has taken care of this problem. Instructions are in the link I posted.
I've recovered from the flu so I'm going to begin to do Yoga and let these shoes break in a bit, then I'll begin walking.

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3/20/13 12:48 A

I have arthritis in my spine and hips, and also have moderate scoliosis. I USED to be a runner many years ago, and really loved it. Unfortunately, that is definitely out for me. Jolting and jarring can really play havoc. A few years ago I remember telling my Dr that I had mentioned to my young grandson that I used to skip. He didn't think I did, and wouldn't be able to. Even just 2-3 minutes of doing that proved to be a very bad move. The pain I had for the next couple weeks was NOT worth it. My Dr laughed and told me that that sort of thing was definitely not advised. In a way, skipping is a akin to running. You come down with a bit of a jolt even tho' you may not realize it.

My exercise now is walking, but even that can cause significant problems. I walk INSIDE my house so that if pain starts to develop I can sit without having to walk somewhere to do so. Because it is inside and on carpet, and not out on the hard ground or pavement, it is far kinder to my joints. There is the plus side to it, too - I can do it while 'watching' TV; I don't have to worry about weather conditions and it also doesn't seem like work OR exercise. For me that HAS to be a win/win situation.

Good footwear is very important even for every-day use. A lot of people don't realize this and tend to go for fashion over common-sense. 20-odd years ago when I changed to a good quality leather with a good support sole and heal, a lot of the pain reduced from my spine and hips. I didn't realize that this would make much of a difference, but it sure did.

Good luck,

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3/19/13 4:35 P

I had knee surgery in November 2011 and wasn't able to start running until summer 2012 due to various recovery and weight issues. Do you have access to a gym? Before I could run, I spent a lot of time on an elliptical machine. It had a lot of the benefits of running without the impact on my joints. I still alternate it with running and it's a good alternative when the weather is nasty.

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3/19/13 4:07 P


You may want to check with your local running specialty store for shoes. Many times they carry shoes for walkers, too. But what the personnel do is analyze your gait and arches and make recommendations for a model shoe that will be best for you.

Just a thought!

Coach Nancy

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3/19/13 4:06 P

After you have found properly fitting shoes, try the Couch to 5K running program for beginners or for those new to running. It's a gradual plan to ease onself from all walking to eventually running or jogging. Search Sparkpeople's Couch to 5K and you will find plenty of support for this.

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3/19/13 3:22 P

I too love the idea of being a runner. It seems like the fastest and quickest way to lose weight. But at the moment I'm too out of shape to do it. And I also have a breathing problems and that is probably not best for a runner to have. So, I concentrate on what I can do! Maybe I can be a runner in the future. But for now I love going to the gym and lifting weights. I concentrate on eating well and cooking more. Don't get discouraged :) If your joints aren't doing too well maybe some intense stretching can be your goal for a month. Then you'll be able to add something new to your routine. Best of luck! Hope this helps :)

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3/19/13 3:12 P

a reputable running/walking store can fit you for a proper pair of walking or running shoes. You might start by being fitted for a good pair of walking shoes.If you don't have a running store near you, go to a good sports store. try to avoid places like Walmart or Target because they aren't trained to fit shoes for running.

Here's an article that will help you learn more about finding the right shoes for your feet.

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3/19/13 2:48 P

Thank you so much for your suggestions, I have come the the conclusion that I probably will never be a runner. So I plan on other activities! :)
I'm not sure where to go to get properly fitted for shoes, I've had my feet sized and that's about it. Right now I don't have insurance but when I do it's one of the issues I plan on addressing.

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3/19/13 2:34 P


Running is a great way to stay fit, but it's not for everyone. Given your issues with arthritis and the problems with your feet, you may not be a good candidate to be a runner. Running is very high impact and as such, very hard on a person's joints.

If you can't run, you could walk or hike. Walking is fabulous cardiovascular exercise. You could try Nordic Walking. That's where you walk using walking poles. That's a great form of exercise and gentler on a person's joints.

Let's talk feet for a moment, have you talked to your doctor about the problems you've been experiencing ? If not, you should talk to your doctor. Get their opinion. they may refer you to a podiatrist to see what's going on with your feet. Finding the right shoes could help reduce some of the pain you've been experiencing. Have you ever been fitted for a proper pair or running shoes or cross trainers ? If not, that's something every person who wants to run needs to do. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause many different problems.

There really are lots of other activities you could do that wouldn't place stress on your joints or feet the way running does. Swimming and water aerobics are two great exercises that come to mind.

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3/19/13 2:25 P

I really want to become a runner but I've experienced physical issues that have held me back for a long while now. I'm 47yrs old and seem to have developed arthritis in my joints so with the pain from this I struggle to keep moving sometimes. I also have foot issues in that my feet seem to change on a lot. Every time I needs new shoes my old size doesn't fit and I seem to need a new size either bigger or smaller. I don't get it and it just seems crazy!

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