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1/21/14 11:38 A

Going on walks with my dog! She's 6 months old so she has a lot of energy and she behaves much better when she's been on a few good walks each day. Keeps me moving and the more I'm out the more I realize how much better I feel when I've been out in the fresh air. If I start to get irritable I walk too. I'm always much happier afterwards, even if it's only a 15 minute walk. I still find that I get bored walking some days so sometimes I pick up trash along the way to feel like I'm being more productive.

RACEWELLWON Posts: 2,613
1/21/14 11:28 A

Shoveling - its FREE

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1/21/14 5:43 A

hiking - cleans the mind

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1/21/14 3:09 A

I think the reason an activity appears to be "pointless" is because the progress in that activity is not tracked.

Either track your progress in your gym activities or switch to an activity where you can track your progress. For example, always time your run. Don't run just because you must run. Next time try to beat your time. Read about how you can better your time. Find out what the average time of people in your age group is. Certainly try to beat that time.

I am into heavy lifting for the past 1.5 years now, and I have to track every set, every rep to see if I am progressing or not. My progress has stalled in several lifts in the past, and I looked for ways to regain my progress, and managed to do so in some of the lifts (e.g. switched from high bar position to low bar position in barbell squats). In others I have still some problems to resolve (e.g. bench press seem to have stalled, but I need to keep at the current program for another 3 weeks before I switch the routine).

As you can see, the whole weight lifting workout for me is far from being an "exercise rut", but that is only because I track my progress. If I did not track it, it would certainly feel like a rut, and eventually would lead to dropping out.

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1/20/14 6:59 P

I can make myself do exercise for exercise sake about once a week. This did get me to shape - slowly but def changed my body. I am not a huge fan of zumba but I like Bollywood, ballet, some other dance style stuff. I also love kickboxing and I try stuff I never heard of at least once. I walk as much as possible - ideally 5 miles /day and 12 flights of stairs. Not a fan of running for running sake but do every once in a while.

Currently I am trying 25 pushups/50 sit ups a day plus those 5 miles.

Frankly unless I force myself to exercise I don't. It got a bit easier with time but not exactly effortless.

KJEANNE SparkPoints: (39,612)
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1/20/14 4:22 P

For me it's bike riding!
My disclaimer: I teach bicycle safety classes
I use my bike for transportation. I
Ride to the grocery store
Ride to the library
Ride to the coffee shop
Ride to the movies
Ride to Church
Ride to the post office
Ride the the nail shop
Ride to business meetings
Ride to work
if it's too far the ride, I take the bus, put my bike on the rack and take a bus ride closer to my destination.
The best part about riding (besides firm legs)?? I get a parking spot at the front door of my destination.

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1/20/14 2:03 P

I've played on Adult Co-Ed Volleyball teams in the past (& hopefully will this spring). It's a great way to sweat one or two days a week. The exercise value depends a bit on your team- stop and go or continual volleys but as it is something I like and if you get on the right team there's a fantastic competitiveness about it it's a great fit for me!

I have a friend that plays on two different adult rec center volleyball leagues and gets twice the exercise :)

I've also seen adult rec basketball teams for those taller more coordinated folks.

MAMARKS SparkPoints: (5,652)
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1/20/14 1:02 P

I've done Tai Chi before. It's low impact and it has a stress relief factor. Instead of sitting still and meditating, you meditate with motion. It's still a 'do it to do it' exercise, but it has the second use too.

1/20/14 12:51 P

wowie kahzowie!

some wonderful ideas from other posters emoticon

to make my walk more interesting, I bought a soccer ball & then looked up some youtube videos on basic ball skills. I practiced for awhile in my backyard & then began dribbling down my neighborhood streets, stopping to do a few repetitions of various moves and then dribbling again. now, I have something fun to teach the grandkids emoticon

MYOWNHERO Posts: 1,156
1/20/14 11:18 A

I've been giving this some about volunteering?

trail clean-up on your local nature trails

Nursing home or hospital - volunteer to transport folks or just take someone in a wheelchair outside for a bit of fresh air

shelter - take some adorable dogs for a walk

roadside clean up - carry a trash bag and pick up the trash as you walk or run along

gardening - I bet your local library, school or church would love to have you tidy up their flower beds

Have a dance - volunteer to lead a weekly dance at a nursing home

Put a notice up at your local church asking if elderly folks could use someone to run errands or help them move heavy boxes.

LIS0707 Posts: 78
1/19/14 3:37 P

I think the best way to get exercise with a purpose into your regular routine is to make your transport options active wherever you can.

I live 20 km from work (on the days I don't work from home). I try to cycle that at least twice a week. Sometimes I do one way, sometimes both (which ends up at 39km).

At first it seems like an impossible mission to get that far, so you break it down. Firstly it was cycling to the station (under 4km), then it was cycling from the halfway point, then all the way, and then halfway and back, then all the way in, and halfway back (had to arrange a pick up for those days!), and now I can quite comfortably do the whole distance both ways.

And it really doesn't take all that much more time than other transport options would. If I drive the whole way in, it takes 40-45+ minutes during peak traffic. The train station is a 5-15 minute drive away (traffic dependent), plus a 25 minute train ride, then 15 minutes walk at the other end.

Even when I wasn't very fit, it only took me an hour to cycle in, and now it's about 50 minutes (more on the way home because of the uphill bit!) so all up, my exercise only takes a few minutes more on top of what my commute used to be - so it's a net gain in time, better for me, and better for the environment.

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ANARIE Posts: 13,124
1/18/14 9:55 P

I have a 2-mile rule-- if I have to go to any place that's less than 2 miles from home, I don't allow myself to drive. I have to walk, run, or bike. It has several advantages besides the exercise: it saves wear and tear on the car (I was always taught that short trips were bad for the engine); it's better for the environment; and it saves me a lot of money both in gas and by limiting my shopping. I can't buy much of anything unplanned because I'll have to carry it home.

Also, I don't see any problem in taking a dance class just because it's only 8 weeks. Take the 8 weeks of tap, then 4 weeks of ballet, then 6 weeks of salsa-- why not? I'm not a dancer, but I'm sure that some of the principles carry over, and that having a little bit of tap will help with ballet and vice versa. In all cases, you're developing posture and rhythm and breathing techniques. And when it comes to exercise, changing the style will make it more effective.

Someone mentioned dog walking. If you like dogs, contact some of the non-profit agencies that serve the elderly or the disabled in your community, or even a home health care company. You could volunteer to walk dogs for people who can't walk their own, and permit them to keep their pet longer, which is really important for their well-being. That's a very purposeful activity, and knowing that these people count on you will make it far easier to stay committed.

MYOWNHERO Posts: 1,156
1/18/14 2:24 P

I like to use a step-counter when I'm cleaning. It encourages me to really go all-out and break a sweat while getting the house spit-spot.

MINDAA Posts: 10
1/17/14 1:08 P

Just read your profile and it mentioned that you had to be "on stage & energetic"... that seems like a plenty good purpose for maintaining general fitness! The more you exercise off-stage, the easier it will be to muster up energy on-demand.
Also, can you take a walk/jog and use the time to memorize lines or music? Studies have shown that physical activity can actually improve retention.
And if your theater involvement requires that you develop original material, I'll add that I always find I come up with some of my best & most creative ideas during/after a nice long run, bike or swim.

MANDY_CANDY SparkPoints: (14,271)
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1/17/14 10:18 A

One of my spark friends recommended interval training to me and I am LOVING it. You might need to look around for a type that would work with your inner ear challenge, but I highly recommend trying it at least once. You really have to push yourself to get it done, but I find it's easy to stay motivated by the fact that they are quick (I've been doing 45 minutes ones but most are 10 to 15 minutes long) which makes it super easy to fit into my schedule. On top of that, it kicks my behind, so I can "feel" it working. If you try it, please visit my page and let me know :) Good luck!

SHOOPETTE SparkPoints: (89,216)
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1/17/14 4:56 A

love the dragon boat idea!

IMREITE SparkPoints: (385,682)
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1/16/14 9:55 P

mowing the lawn, gardening.
scrubbing and cleaning.
make extra trips down steps if you got them.

MBRANDO SparkPoints: (76,259)
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1/16/14 7:54 P

I make myself walk to my destinations. For instance when I need to go to the library I park a mile away and make myself walk to it and back. I have a destination in mind so it isn't something I can decide to quit when/if I get bored with it and it serves a purpose.

GOGIRL_93 Posts: 65
1/16/14 6:43 P

It might be worthwhile for you to join a dragon boat team with some friends or try a learn to row program. Both are excellent ways to exercise while having fun in the process. When I was in high school I used to volunteer at an annual dragon boat festival and all the participants seemed to be having a blast!

MICHELLE73101 Posts: 300
1/16/14 5:21 P

How about a walk or a run someplace scenic? You can turn it into a little exploration, then when you get there do a few quick body weight exercises and enjoy the view.

A couple ideas:

I ran to the beach for this one:

And for this one I was in Florida and actually ran along the beach, then worked out in the sand. It was awesome:

BOREDA SparkPoints: (329,688)
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1/16/14 4:42 P

I'm like you in hating exercise for its own sake: I've got to be "doing" something and achieving something purposeful and useful. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford to keep a horse, and they are certainly wonderful exercise machines (all that grooming, feeding, heaving hay and sacks of feed around, riding...); beyond that I cut wood and haul in logs for the stove, mow the (large) lawn in the summer, do a lot of gardening, and walk anywhere I am going under two miles distance away. That all adds up to quite a lot of calories burned and using various different muscle groups with never a dumbbell, treadmill or elliptical in sight...

MLEHTO Posts: 734
1/16/14 2:38 P

I don't like exercise for the sake of exercise either. When I'm at the gym lifting weights, I have to have a purpose other than a good rear view. When I was most diligent about weight training, I was training to hike the Grand Canyon with a 45 pound pack on my back. I was using the treadmill daily so I could hike for 7 or 8 miles a day down hill or uphill. My biggest fear was having to be helicoptered out of the canyon!

Even now, I have to have a goal I'm working toward or getting on the treadmill or out on the street isn't going to happen. I've done the 5K Your Way Walking program and done a virtual 5K and am currently working on the 5K Walk / Jog.

I've also found that getting on the treadmill while watching TV or reading satisfies my doing something worthwhile need while I exercise.

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (27,691)
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1/16/14 2:31 P

I walk to get around a lot (I'm an urban dweller and a non-driver). I take the stairs when I can. I social walk and social swim (as I do these things with friends and go a little slower so we can talk). I do enjoy fitness for fitness sake but understand what you mean about classes. I can't afford them or I would be taking them. I live in a city, I'm sure I'd have choices. I'd love to take ballet again myself....but for now I just follow along with dance videos. I also like to dance while doing chores (put on the right music and I find it's inevitable, my cats stare at me shaking it while I unload the dishwasher but I don't care).

ALIHIKES Posts: 3,906
1/16/14 1:11 P

I do a mix. I do some workouts when I am doing something else that would normally be sedentary (okay I walk in place or dance and use light weights while watching television after work at night!); I count hard physical labor around the home but not regular chores (shoveling snow counts; raking leaves counts; other stuff doesn't); and I do some exercises that are separate -- hikes with friends on weekend; cross country ski during winter; kayaking; and at least one exercise class a week. The key is to be consistent and do something regularly.

SKNYMOMWANNABE SparkPoints: (15,306)
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1/16/14 12:50 P

Yes I can have a great work out and feel amazing and be high from the endorphins and be a better wife, mother etc. However that wasn't always the case. My thinnest, living in Paris without a car. I walked about 5-6 miles over 12 hours in a day and as an American I went to the gym to pump iron, one of the few women at the time. I came home and started driving and gained 20 pounds in 2 months.

Walking the hounds serves a purpose for both me and them. Picking up the quart of milk from the grocery store, one mile round trip. Taking the stairs at work(did I mention the 27th floor?) Gardening is Zen but not a big calorie burner other than I'm not in the house so less likely to eat? I'm not a "class" gal but I like to be strong to combat my age(47) and be able to do fun things, climb a tree, zipline, snowboard etc. To that end I joined an all women bootcamp that was one hour a day, I didn't think, just followed the directions. Saw my strength, body confidence skyrocket. I turned off my phone and my brain and just focused on the task at hand. This was huge, checking out for 60 minutes, no thoughts except, "DON'T FACE PLANT!"

I run 10K's and in recovery from an injury dropped back to 5K's. I started duathalons and triathalons to see if I could do it? Running races is social, I meet at least one friend, Cheetah Girl, we don a tutu and each have our respective runs. My moniker is Turtle Girl so yes she's always waiting for me and cheering wildly, there is an advantage to being slower! My boys join me sometimes, Stretch and I just ran for chocolate, he was twice as fast as his mom, he's a runner. Shorty will jog and chat so he and I took on the Color Run. I meet a girlfriend to walk around the lake, it's 3miles, we catch up and I get some sweat equity in or at least work off the coffee we grab post walk. Find something you can do as part of your life, once that becomes habit maybe you will want to see what else you can do? One foot in front of another....

GPIRRONE9 SparkPoints: (3,119)
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1/16/14 12:37 P

I have a 5 year old and care for a two year old, enough said.

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (181,065)
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Posts: 2,243
1/16/14 12:20 P

Exercising daily isn't an "ohmigawd, do I HAVE to do this today?" thing for me! I LOVE my daily workouts--they literally saved my life.

Exercise not only helped me lose weight, but it gave me way more natural brain-chemical feel-good happiness than 2 years of antidepressants (which only made me gain 60 lbs & feel numb!). Now I'm drug free & feel FANTASTIC.

Exercise helped me lower my triglycerides from a super-dangerous level of almost 800 (yikes) to a super-healthy level of 89! Exercise keeps my blood pressure at a delightfully low 100/50...regardless of how much salt I eat or don't eat.

Exercise helped me keep moving when I herniated a disk in my back & helped me recover faster after back surgery. Exercise keeps me strong & fit.

I exercise first thing EVERY MORNING--7 days a week, 365 days a year...even when I travel. It makes me FEEL GOOD--physically, mentally, emotionally. I'm a better wife, a better mother, a better ME. And I fully intend to live to be at least 100 & enjoy my grandkids & great-grandkids!

What better "purpose" is there than that?

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (34,483)
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Posts: 1,064
1/16/14 2:53 A

Walk to work, walk to the store, walk to your coworker's cubicle instead of emailing.
Plan an activity with a friend on a regular basis--walking the dog, hiking, going out dancing.
Engage in heavy-duty house cleaning. Get on a ladder and clean out the gutters. Paint the house. Wash your car.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (66,733)
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Posts: 3,293
1/15/14 6:58 P

What kind of class are you taking where you are being taught how to do the grapevine? Isn't that something that everybody learns in childhood? That sounds really boring--maybe you need to look for a better class?

What do I know, I grew up in the world capital of running in the streets--even in the 70s, it was very common. Alberto Salazar was my neighbor and one of my sisters was an Olympic distance runner. There is no such thing as purposeless exercise--the purpose is keeping your body healthy and feeling good.

Gardening is great, but except for the very heavy stuff when you first start a new garden, it doesn't really burn many calories.

Maybe the key is to stop thinking about it so much and just get yourself to the gym. Put in your headphones, listen to music that you enjoy and just let your mind wander.

STARFISH1961 SparkPoints: (66,177)
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Posts: 4,365
1/15/14 6:07 P

Hi, I get a good workout by volunteering at the neighborhood food pantry. I pack and lift several boxes in the few hours I'm there as well as carry some of them to the older or disabled folks vehicle for them. I get a double wammy on the good feelings as im helping others as well as strength training.
Going to the animal shelter is also a good feeling as well as getting my daily steps in.

TXGIRL78666 Posts: 77
1/15/14 11:55 A

Ooh, I love this topic! I get SO bored at a gym or an exercise class, but I like to keep busy. We just bought a house with a huge yard. We also got a old-style push mower (no motor) for X-mas from my mom. That's a workout! (Two workouts, to be truthful. C'mon- it's a really big yard.) We also have a small garden and so there is some general digging and moving dirt. (Can't wait for spring!)

I walk to work when the weather is good, and to the store if my shopping list is short, and I go for a walk once a week with my dad. We don't get along very well, but walking together gives us purpose while we hang out. If we start to argue, we walk faster. We walk until we are all done "catching up." It's good for our relationship and our health.

Finally something a friend shared with me. When you do physical activity that is something you look forward to and enjoy, you receive more of the stress relieving feel good effects of exercise than if you are working at something you don't like. So it's healthier to do something fun than something that's not! (My friend hosts a no talking dance event called Joy Dance twice a week.)

BUSYBEE37 Posts: 1,113
1/15/14 10:13 A

How about gardening? without all the automated equipment. Hoe the rows by hand, plant by hand. It's no 'exercise', it's gardening and you can feed yourself with it too.

Stacking wood is great exercise too, but most people don't need to do that anymore.

1/15/14 8:36 A

NANLEYKW - Yeah, I understand. That's why I said I took the idea to lengths it probably wasn't meant to go. What you describe is probably the goal -- having some kind of activity you do on a regular basis that doesn't feel like exercise-for-the-sake-of-exercise but vastly improves your cardiovascular function and burns calories and gives you all the other benefits of exercise.

This is all new territory to me as of about 2 years ago. The closest I can come to feeling that way is hiking. It's a workout, but I'm getting so I do it because I like it, not because I need to exercise.

I read a diet book written in the 1970's. The author was trying to get used to the idea of seeing people running in the streets. If you grew up in the 40's or 50's (I didn't, but I can see how they see it) you never saw adults running unless there was an emergency or they were on a track at a high school. It just strikes me as funny.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,157)
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1/14/14 11:16 P

Carrie, for me, running is a sport, not exercise. So, in the same way that someone on a baseball team isn't exercising-for-the-sake-of-exercise when they play baseball, I'm not exercising-for-the-sake-of-exercise when I run. I don't think of my runs as workouts, but as training runs for my races. Yes, that's different from getting exercise from regular, everyday activities like work, but it's also different from "pure" exercise.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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Posts: 2,545
1/14/14 10:48 P

A fun and purposeful activity is walking the dogs. I have two that always need and enjoy a walk. If you don't have a dog of your own you could check with your local animal shelter and see if they need volunteers to walk dogs.

Or if you have a friendly neighbor who has a dog you could ask to borrow it for a walk. The dog would love you forever!

1/14/14 8:54 P

I saw this topic and took it to lengths maybe further than it was meant to go. It's hard for me to see how, say, running or kickboxing is different from "exercise-for-its own sake." Those are excellent forms of exercise (that I'm too clumsy or unambitious to do) but unless you're running away from a fire or fighting off someone who's trying to steal your purse, they seem to me like exercise for exercise's sake.

Which should not be bad. It's is the world we live in. My grandparents worked hard physically and wouldn't have exercised for its own sake any more than they'd voluntarily go dumpster-diving. My job is working the phone and studying a computer screen all day. There is something almost ludicrous, in an animal, evolutionary sense, about walking fast on a treadmill 30 minutes every morning.

But hey, I don't want to be fat...

SMILEYLEO Posts: 149
1/14/14 12:13 P

It is a great cardio work out, great strength training, self-defense, amazing family atmosphere, and you can earn a black belt!


1/14/14 11:41 A

Zumba makes me feel sexy and it's fun!!! Is that purposeful enough?

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JENUINLEE SparkPoints: (8,664)
Fitness Minutes: (3,502)
Posts: 140
1/13/14 6:05 P

Right now I am doing indoor cycling, which I really enjoy, but I have to admit it is difficult to find the time to excercise. One of my favorite classes I took was kickboxing, as in actual fighting and sparring. You could take martial arts or self protection classes. They are good exercise, fun, and you can learn to defend yourself.

KARATE_KID SparkPoints: (57,509)
Fitness Minutes: (74,005)
Posts: 1,546
1/13/14 5:42 P

Have you looked on I just took a quick peek and they have ballet workout DVDs starting from under $10.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (189,754)
Fitness Minutes: (281,473)
Posts: 26,463
1/13/14 3:21 P

Have you checked out YOUTUBE for ballet or dance lessons ?

YOUTUBE has a ton of different dance workouts posted for ballet, tap, jazz, belly dance. Have you tried belly dancing before ? That might be something fun you'd enjoy. There are many sparkers who belly dance for fun and exercise.

How about Bollywood ? Here's something you might like.

I would love to take dance lessons. I've always wanted to learn.

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (205,539)
Fitness Minutes: (73,658)
Posts: 7,147
1/13/14 3:18 P

Body Pump is a fun strength training class.

SERENE-BEAN Posts: 1,413
1/13/14 2:03 P

Oh, yes, I don't know how I forgot to mention walking to and from work. For me, it's 2 miles, and it's a great way to get my steps in.

1/13/14 1:51 P

I also need to have a purpose in working out. In the summer time I ride bike home from work. I put my bike on the bus in the morning so I don't have to worry about showering once I get there and then just change clothes after work and ride home. This way I get a workout and have a purpose for the workout (I can't get home unless I ride bike). Once I get off the downtown streets it's really peaceful. I'm only about 10 miles from my job so it's a decent workout (takes an hour or less usually) plus we have tons of bike trails so I don't have to ride on the street.

SERENE-BEAN Posts: 1,413
1/13/14 1:29 P

I have a walking buddy, and we will walk to go window-shopping, or get a cup of coffee, or whatever. That's fun. Also, I have a recumbent exercise bike, and I do that while I'm watching TV at night, which means it's not necessarily fun, but I barely notice the time goes by, because I'm watching something enjoyable. Maybe you could make it a game? Like print out a map of your neighborhood and try to walk on every street in a one-mile radius or something?

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,157)
Fitness Minutes: (31,130)
Posts: 867
1/13/14 11:40 A

I also really hate the idea of exercise for exercise's sake. For me, the activity that clicked was running. Reasonably cheap (well, in the beginning, anyway, until I got hooked on all the fun gear and stuff) and super-convenient (just go out the door). For me, it's my sport, not just exercise--I compete in races regularly (almost once a month). To complement my race training, I do some other cross-training (strength work for the most part), but again, that's part of becoming a better athlete in my chosen sport, rather than just exercise because I need to exercise.

And yes, I have limited free time during the day (I work and have two youngish kids), would most definitely not love Zumba, and don't have the cash for a horse (despite loving to ride).

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (179,332)
Fitness Minutes: (174,217)
Posts: 15,552
1/13/14 11:30 A

maybe something like this can help you understand that you don't have to necessary do activities that are exactly like theatre, but general fitness will help your music. I have a degree in music and the fitter I got, the better my performance (breath control) got.

BITHOO SparkPoints: (12,132)
Fitness Minutes: (3,359)
Posts: 422
1/13/14 10:57 A

Hi, Zorbs. The entrance to our house is up a steep flight of steps, so of course I carry groceries up the steps -- and there are another two flights of steps once I'm inside, so I do go up and down the stairs a lot. I also use the treadmill, have some weights, etc. I live on top of a steep hill, so just taking a walk around the block is moderately challenging.

The problem is that with just those ordinary activities I am still woefully out of shape. I need to challenge myself, but get SO frustrated with pointless gym activities.

Am thinking of joining an adult tap class -- as I do a lot of theater, and learning to follow choreography and get better at dance moves would be a great plus for my theatrical "career!" But that would only exercise my bottom half, right? Plus, the class runs for only about 8 weeks... Another frustration I've run into as I've tried (and enjoyed!) adult ballet, etc.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (179,332)
Fitness Minutes: (174,217)
Posts: 15,552
1/13/14 10:47 A

do you mean cardio or strength? because having the strength to pick up heavy things around the house is as functional as it gets.

BITHOO SparkPoints: (12,132)
Fitness Minutes: (3,359)
Posts: 422
1/13/14 10:45 A

I find myself rebelling against fitness-for-its-own-sake and "come on ladies, feel the burn" activities. Yes, I can march up and down or learn how to do "grapevine" moves, but it feels like doing worksheets in school. That is, it's probably good for you, but it's the opposite of fun or engaging.

Suggestions for someone who has limited free time during the day, doesn't love zumba, and doesn't have the cash for a horse?

One other (sad) limitation for me: I can't do yoga or pilates because of an inner ear issue that means I feel sick after doing back and forth rolling motions. Have tried ballet, which I love, but can't find an ongoing class...

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