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11/16/12 1:08 P

I snack on grapes or apples to try to meet some goals. Keeps my sweet tooth at bay too. I do have Pumpkin spice and vanilla in the herbalife shakes as mentioned but don't like the PROGRAM even though I used to sell...because I lost 32lbs in 6 weeks and gained it all back and then some...unless you can commit to drinking 2 a day and the meal plan, it's not a lifestyle. To meet protein goals or make smoothies with fruit (with the vanilla) I love. Granted I feel they have the best cramp medicine instead of eating a box of midol and will never give that up haha.

What time are you taking it and are you taking Phentermine or the Pentramine? One is blue dotted and the other yellow speckles. I have a horrid schedule and so I take it when I wake up (8-11am depending on day) and then eat 30 min matter what. I find myself NOT aimlessly looking for snacks but I don't feel is makes me not want to eat just eat less. I never wanted to be on it again because the first time I was bad at not sitting still, getting sleep etc...but this time I had to do it because we could not figure out WHY even counting calories and working out was doing NOTHING I was STUCK bouncing around 4lbs. I do admit to skipping it some days if I am energized when I wake up, I don't want to be dependent on it and I don't want to face a withdrawal when my time is up. Maybe take half a day for a bit and see if that helps?

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11/16/12 9:11 A

If you are looking for a good protein/meal shake, try Herbalife. It is probably one of the healthiest "meal replacement" shakes you can have, and it only has like 5g of sugar per serving and they taste great, unlike all the chalky, gross, prepackaged ones out there (Slim Fast). It is like $35 for a canister and it usually lasts me about 2 months.

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11/15/12 8:43 P

I was on phentermine.... what do you mean eat when youre not hungry.... I still ate...which is why I had the weight problem in the first place... I dont need tobe hungry to eat I eat to soothe emotions.... so I have stopped the phentermine and have decided that its really up to me to be in control of what I eat, when I eat and make sure that what I eat is healthy. Plus the phentermine made me paranoid, anxious, shaky and my sleep was crappy...

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11/15/12 7:48 P

I'm on month 2 of Adipex. I lost about 90 lbs on my own, but then my progress REALLY slowed down, so I started Adipex for the final push my my weight loss journey. I really really like it, but have also been having the internal dilema about forcing myself to eat. Especially since you feel the best and least hungry for the whole first half of they day, you want to kind of ride the feeling out before it wears off at night. So it's tough.

However, I keep the following things in mind...
- When you eat the bulk of your calories does NOT matter. Our body's do not have a clock of when calories are automatically stored as fat or something like that. People believe myths about "eating cut off times" which don't mean anything. So I remind myself that even if I eat more of my calories later in the day, that's not going to hurt my weight loss. HOWEVER, I do strongly believe in eating breakfast, because it's beneficial for your metabolism, digestion, etc. So around 2-3 hours after I've taken the Adipex, if I'm still not hungry, I do force myself to eat something small. (Around 100 calories at least.) So that might be an apple, or 1/2 an oz of walnuts, a banana, etc.
- I realize that I need to make my calories count. Starving yourself for hours and then eating a bagel for example, is an awful choice when you consider what it's going to do to your blood sugar, glycogen, etc. So I know that whatever I eat needs to be healthy. So in the afternoon when I know it's time to really eat something substantial, I eat egg whites scrambled with oats, or cottage cheese and tomato, etc. I make sure I get my protein, and that it's not loaded with sugar or simple carbs. At dinner time, I load my plate with broccoli, and then eat a small serving of meat, and maybe a small sweet potato. I eat all my vegetables first, so that by the time I realize I'm full, I've eaten the nutrient packed foods that I need.
- 1000 calorie minimum. I know that people say 1200 calorie minimum, but when you're on Adipex, which is an appetite supressant, forcing yourself to eat more is not really the idea. However, eating 500 calories a day is not sustainable. I typically eat between 1100-1500 on average, but some days it doesn't really happen when I'm super busy. So I force myself to always at least eat 1000 calories.

It's so easy when you're not eating much to want to eat something delicious when hunger does finally call. But I think it's crucial to remember that when you are eating so little, the foods that you're eating REALLY matter.

So I guess to answer your original question, I don't think Slim Fast are a great idea because they are loaded with sugar. If you could find a protein shake mix that has only 1 or 2 grams of sugar, that would be ideal. Plus you could make it with almond milk! (And not to mention it would be much cheaper than buying the slim fast or ensure ones that are pre-packaged.) If it's bars you want, Quest protein bars are phenomenal. They are SO good, and have no added sugar. They have a 99% natural line, and a 100% all natural line. Each bar is between 160-220 calories, and all have 20 g of protein. I literally cannot say enough good things about them, they are my FAVORITE thing, and have helped me so much. You can get them at select stores around the country, but also at

If you wanna chat more, please send me a message. Good luck on your journey!

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11/15/12 10:21 A

I feel it is vital to listen to our bodies. If you are experiencing excessive hunger, I would consult a holistic naturopathic MD for an assessment. A number of things could be going on that need to be addressed rather than masked with a pill.
Heavy metal toxicity, mineral deficiencies not detected in common labwork, a wide variety of food allergies, adrenal gland issues, etc. I would rule out all of these before continuing with an appetite suppressant.

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/15/12 9:01 A

I was on Phentermine for about a year and hated it. Though it did what it was supposed to by suppressing my appetite, the minute I got off it, I went back to my old habits. It doesn't teach you to eat well, it just ensures that you eat less. It raised my blood pressure and I couldn't sleep well.

I haven't touched a slim fast shake in years. After I saw how much sugar was in the thing, I quickly understood why it didn't suppress my hunger. I was also very gittery on it. Won't touch those things ever again. i make much healthier and better shakes than anything you can get from the store.

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11/14/12 3:40 P

I had an hour long discussion with my doctor before she put me on the Phentermine and had a thorough physical done to make sure there were no underlying medical issues. I can really see where the high can be addicting. I feel great, I just cant eat sometimes. I gave up smoking 3 weeks ago but coffee is still my friend! LOL

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11/14/12 3:19 P

What did I do when I couldn't eat because of Phentermine? I chain smoked and drank coffee.

I think that drinking a supplement shake is a great idea. There are lots of them out there, but I would opt for something that has high protein as well. Slim Fast actually makes a high protein mix that isn't overly horrible.

Please be careful with Adipex. It is very easy to get addicted to them. Not only because they produce a speed like high, but also the "high" you get from not eating and feeling in control. I am not saying that you will have an issue, but rather be mindful of your feelings.

Best of luck!

11/14/12 3:17 P

I lost weight on the phentermine before I got pregnant. When I could not eat I just would not eat. I guess that was not a healthy option. This go around I am trying to eat healthy and lose weight without the phentermine because of all the negative things I've heard about it and how it can mess with your heart. Thinking about trying it again... if someone can give me a more positive feedback on it.

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11/14/12 12:33 P

I can't speak for the phentermine question becaues I know zilch about it.

But as far as slim fast and ensure, be aware that these drinks are HIGHLY sugary.

I used to do the slim fast "diet", and I had headaches all the time. It took me forever to figure out that it was the sugar in those drinks that was causing it. And while drinking those things for at least a year I never lost a pound. Stick to what you mentioned before about fresh veggies and whole grains, etc. That is where your nutrition comes from. Not from sugary drinks like slim fast.

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11/14/12 11:54 A

I am starting my second month of a 3 month cycle of Phentermine. I dropped 21lbs the first month and was making myself eat, and I feel amazing right now! At my doctors appointment monday, I brought up that I was concerned about not getting the proper nutrition. I've cut back on processed foods, sugar, and soda and eating more fresh veggies, whole grains and lean meat. My doctor suggested that I try slim fast shakes or ensure shakes at those times where I just cannot eat. I bought some and really like them and the snack and meal bars aren't bad either. She told me to just listen to my body that it would tell me what it needs.

My question is for people that have used Phentermine. What did you do when you just could not eat?

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