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10/10/12 6:30 P

Doug Kaufmann's Phase One Diet will not only help you lose weight BUT any kind of problems you have had will disappear. LITERALLY !! I am LIVING PROOF that staying away from the Foods that have Mold in them and taking Olive leaf Extract, Black Walnut Green Hull Freeze dried and Oregano Oil, All help get rid of the Fungus in our bodies that make us hold onto the weight and plus Allergies seem to not come back, My Husband was REALLY bad and he is now on the Phase one and he has been fine.
Anyone who has NOT heard of Doug Kaufmann's TV Show you can watch it on his website.

Here is the Show that was on today. It will help everyone understand a lot

If Dr's are not helping and the DRUGS your Body is not lacking in helping your problem but just making it worst. Then what can it hurt to get his books and cook and eat the Phase One way and see for yourself how much better you feel after you cut sugar out of your life.
Oh don't worry there are tons of ways to give your sweet tooth that satisfaction it needed by using Xylitol in place of Sugar, It taste like sugar, it looks like sugar. Or Use Stevia by KAL it seems to be the better tasting one. You can get those things on
Once you Truly learn to stay away from all of the Tempting things like people wanting you to try something or hearing Oh this one time won't hurt you then you give in. LOL
Stay TRUE to the Phase One Way of eating and You WILL see change. But if you keep doing what you always been doing you are always going to have what you have now. Change has got to be a Mind set. You have tried all of the other things. With not much results.
I can Stand here today in front of Millions of people and say THE PHASE ONE WORKS !!!
Bread Rises from the yeast Right? What makes you think it is not going to do that inside your warm and moist body. Once you take charge of YOU and what YOU Eat. That's when your Life will change and Sicknesses and Things that have been hurting you and making pain goes away. Your Stomach will go down without even exercising. BUT Exercise is Vital for a strong Immune System and a sound Mind.
This Show is on your Cable. Find it Tape it and learn. For God said My People are dying for Lack of Knowledge.
This show will give you LOTS of knowledge..... It has changed everything for me and my family... There is nothing to lose by trying it but sickness and feeling bad all of the time.
May your Blessings be many and may your health and weight be Changed from this day forward.

5/6/12 2:08 P

I have family members that have worked in the medical field. If you truly knew all that went on behind the scenes, you could never call the chiro a scammer. LOL. *shakes head*

Anyway, the Phase 1 diet is excellent. It will change your life, but it needs to be followed strictly. That means that there are no compromises if you want it to work. I just concentrated on the raw foods and fresh uncooked parts of the diet more than the cooked stuff.

I am looking forward to trying to get a copy of the phase 1 cookbook that he has out. I have seen several people turn their lives around with Phase 1 but I have a few who need to have some ideas for how to follow it.

Hallelujah Diet is similar for anyone who has heard of that- it is just a vegetarian/vegan version of it

Depending on some factors, I needed to change to the Phase 1 from Hallelujah diet for a few years. I plan to go back to a more vegetarian style again in the future when things change again.

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8/21/11 11:50 A

I found this all fascinating as well. I just saw my first Chiro EVER after a friend of mind started seeing him for some similar problems (I have small intestine bacterial overgrowth-SIBO- diagnosed by a GI doc at the University of MN). I have been on 5 rounds of antibiotics and told that there is nothing that can be done for it BUT antibiotics. I also have recurring migraines and again, medical docs can't help me with them, but give me a pill to take when I get one. It is all very depressing and I am pretty much disgusted with the medical profession and it's inability to help me at all. I understand it is not a perfect science, but then they are not being effective, what is wrong with trying to find an alternative.

This Chiro did the muscle testing on me as well and recommended Doug Kaufmann's diet due to thinking I have a fungus issue going on. I found the muscle testing to be pretty strange, and I am still a little skeptical about all of it, but like I said, nothing else has worked so far so what do I have to lose? He asked me if I could give him 3-5 sessions and follow his instructions and if I can then he can fix me (I almost laughed). My insurance does cover my appointments with him so again, what do I have to lose? He asked me to talk to my doc about getting some Nyastatin to help give everything else a head start on killing to fungus, so I guess the fact that he did that means he's not trying to treat me under the table so to speak.

I am on day two of the diet. I feel great so far!! He also gave me (ok, sold me) a couple of supplements to take.

In the end, I feel I've given the "legitimate" medical community a chance to help me with no results. This is just my next step in my quest to feel better.

Good luck to all of you!!

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8/11/11 9:31 P

I have never heard of Dr. Kaufmann and his diet. But I find this post very fascinating.


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8/11/11 7:26 P

I agree with DarkFlame. This seems a bit unethical, and if she's so concerned you should be getting insurance through your employment with her.

8/11/11 6:21 P

Chiropractor's can supplement their education with alternative/integrative/functional medicine. Just because you have MD after your name does not mean you are any good. MD's have very little nutritional training or understanding of root cause. It is the training after you get the Dr. degree that matters. My Chiro is part of a group of Physicians and without her diagnosis ongoing treatment (not chiro related) and combined care of the MD's and DO's in the office. I would probably be on disability and in a wheel chair right now. Check out Dr. Mark Hyman, and just to make you happy. He is an MD and Functional Medicine Dr. He is the guru on all these health topics and covers everything you could ever want. Google him and watch his videos so much free info out there.

6/21/11 2:18 P

I have eaten whole foods for many years now, but at one point I was having some health issues that I could not deal with- nothing was working and no matter how little I was eating, I was not losing any body size and that was the first time in many years I had a problem like that.

I found Doug on TV late at night with a severe asthma attack and trying to find something to divert my attention. I was intrigued by the number of doctors on the show who had problems nothing would help, but the antifungal approach DID.

It works and is fantastic- however, I prefer to add more raw foods than he tends to recommend in the book. Also, the addition of green smoothies greatly improved my skin and appearance.

I have had a difficult year and have wandered away a bit from the antifungal approach, so I am starting again- possibly with photos online to track my progress.

I don't feel that too much cooked food is healthy as the body needs the natural enzymes to digest the food that is found only in raw foods. Of course I am not talking about meat or dangerous raw food here, only other foods.

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11/7/10 12:06 P

AND, I'm going to point out another FACT:

You work for her and she doesn't give you medical benefits????? So you HAVE to use her for a discount???????


If she's so worried about you not having medical benefits she should be adding that to part of your salary.......

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11/7/10 12:04 P

I wish you would go to a doctor....what happens if this "chiropractor" is wrong? Your doctors bills are going to be a LOT worse than they would be if you went NOW...AND it could be extremely detrimental to your health....

Those symptoms could be signs of other issues, ones that can only be diagnosed with proper medical tests.....

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11/7/10 10:08 A

That was some great info LindaCRH, thank you for posting. I am a big fan of Doug Kaufman, and his, and others' theories on excessive fungus, or yeast in the body. I had a problem with my sinuses, about two years ago. I went to doctors, and allergists, and got no relief. They had me on anti-biotics, decongestants, and allergy meds like Claritin, and singulair. None of them worked. After four months of this unsuccessful regimen, I found Doug's show, and I also found Dr. Gillian McKieth, and holistic nutritionist, who suggested, in one of her books, trying a drink of warm water with as much lemon juice as you can stand, in it every morning before eating anything, and in the evening before bed. You can add honey to slightly sweeten it if you need to. I tried this, having nothing really to lose, and in four days it was all gone. No more stuffy, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, and sinus headaches. I still do this every morning and night, and if I miss a few days(about a week, or so), it comes back again.

I believe this is a fungus, or yeast issue, but haven't found a doctor to prescribe me an anti-fungal, yet. I have read that citrus juices and citrus oils kill fungus, so I think that may be why it works. Professionals actually use orange oil, the oils that are derived from the skin of the orange, to KILL molds in buildings, and homes that are contaminated with them. Bleach cleans it up for a short time, but it just returns. The orange oils actually kill them. I have a friend who's mom's home was contaminated with molds, due to a water leak between the walls, and causing her all kinds of health problems including breathing issues and allergies. She was on a nebulizer three times a day, an inhaler, and two different Advair type meds. They ordered the orange oil on-line and treated the molds with it, and she hasn't had a problem since. That was over two years ago.

I have put Doug's book on my wish list for Santa. Hopefully he'll think I've been a good girl this year and bring it to me.

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11/6/10 11:39 P

Hi MajorAmy_Carter,

I have used Kaufmann's program book and it gave me good results. I do not think you have been scammed. More and more mainstream physicians are recognizing how destructive and how common systemic fungal infections are. I was diagnosed my OB-GYN, who is a respected member of the medical community in my area. She is an MD and is the head of OB-GYN at our local hospital. Her practice is so busy that it is difficult to get an appointment with her. This doctor is hardly a "quack", but a forward thinking physician whose credentials are spotless. It was because of her that I found Doug Kaufmann.

I know what you mean about being on a certain diet with an antifungal "twist". These days, I follow THE SCHWARZBEIN PRINCIPLE, with a slight "Doug Kaufmann Twist". LOL!

Below is an review I wrote of his basic Trilogy called THE FUNGAL LINK. Each of these books is about $30.00 for one, but the trilogy is $80.00. I am glad I got the whole set. I also liked his book INFECTIOUS DIABETES, which is not in the trilogy. Enjoy the review:

"I love Doug Kaufmann's book, and his program helped me recover from serious disease. You should be careful when buying it though, because third party vendors tend to sell this for TOO MUCH MONEY.

ABOUT THE PRICE: The basic Trilogy outlining his program and giving the scientific background is offered on Doug Kaufman's website for $69.95 + shipping. (I think I paid only $10.00 shipping, making the total $79.95.) The paperback print version is exactly the same price as the audio trilogy (and it is worthwhile to own both). I have seen it sold by third parties for up to $150.00 + shipping, and I think that is outrageous! If you shop directly from Doug Kaufman's website, you might save almost 1/2 the cost. If you buy it from Amazon, or another third party vendor, it is possible that you could get a slight discount OR you could pay a mind boggling premium - depending on the seller. Just be aware of the true retail value of this product, and you can make an educated decision about the value of the item being offered.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM RESULTS: Having said that, it is a great book and still worth the cost of purchase even if you paid top dollar. After 4 months of using this program, my type 2 diabetes disappeared, and I had lost 40 lbs. The weight loss was shocking because I hadn't weighed in several months - wasn't really trying to lose weight and was only trying to normalize my blood sugar. I began to notice that my clothes were loose, and when I went to buy new ones, I had gone down a size. That is when I decided to weigh myself and see what was up. Very pleasant surprise! Plus, I was free of a myriad of other symptoms.

His theories are scoffed at by the mainstream medical community, so if your are a medical conservative, you might want to pass on his program. However, I highly recommend them for anyone who has tried the conventional route and failed. If you are ready for a change, and not afraid of some detailed medical information (with the sources to back them up), then these are good books to read or listen to in their entirety, and to have on hand for future reference. The dry medical data is broken up with real life stories of people who were able to relieve themselves of a host of health issues, simply by changing their diet (and sometimes taking antifungal medications). This makes the books much more accessible and easily readable.

ABOUT THE DIET PLAN: This is an easy to understand and easy to follow plan. Although it is lo carb, it is not like Atkins or the other lo carb diets out there. It is specifically engineered to kill fungus in the system. The set includes a program booklet, complete with foods allowed and not allowed on each of the three phases of the diet, and a full week's menu plan. It is not a starvation diet, but very low in carbohydrates, with the carbs increasing gradually as the patient advances in the program. The program advocates freshly juiced veggies in addition to the rest of the diet. I ate a lot and was satisfied - sometimes I got depressed about the amount I was eating because I was already overweight and thought I must be gaining. That is why I avoided weighing myself. The weight loss was a HUGE surprise! I found out that good health and not diets produce weight loss and lean muscle mass.

Unfortunately, I slipped out of my good habits, and both the weight and the disease returned. Now, I am back on the program and doing great. This time I know what can happen if I let my guard down, and will never go back to a sugary, carb based, fungus feeding diet again. The lapse back into diabetes and obesity was my own fault and not the fault of the program or it's authors.

I really hope this information gets out to the general public, as it doesn't seem to be a well known book. Just be sure to buy it at a fair price."

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11/6/10 10:04 P

Libraries can also borrow books from colleges and hospitals that you can reserve and check out. Good information!

9/13/10 3:05 P

Thank you "HEYBUTT"!
I totally didn't think about it, because I don't know that I personally have ever looked for a diet book at a library before. But I called and she said she'd see what she could do and call me back. Thank you for your advice!! That was a grea idea. :)

HEYBUTT Posts: 769
9/13/10 2:31 P

You mentioned the program/diet was a book?

Did you check your local library? It's really amazing what most libraries have (including work out dvds and diet books--I got the spark book from my library).

Then you could really check out the book and decide if it's a good investment for you.

9/13/10 2:24 P

Thanks for your concern. I appreciate it very much. I think the reason she ISNT referring me to a Medical Dr. is because... I don't have insurance. Also I work with her (I'm her receptionist/assistant) and so she's working with me to make this the least expensive as possible. She didn't necessarily "diagnose" me, as she just said "this is what I think is wrong with you... this is how I'd like to fix it..."
I've done a LOT of research since she told me her thoughts on my health, and it's AMAZING the things that contain fungus and/or molds. I also tend to get LOTS of yeast infections (armpits, belly button, on my c-section scar... etc), and migraines... etc.... etc....
I've been wanting to lose weight any ways, and I've never been so much of a starches fan, I know they make you gain weight. So an Atkins diet with a slight twist of making sure those non-starchy foods don't contain excess mold/fungi, doesn't scare me. I'm just trying to find more detailed information on the diet itself.

Thanks for all the replies!

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9/9/10 5:11 P

Please see an MD and get a second opinion, about both the fungus and the chiropractor. In most states, it is actually illegal for chiropractors to diagnose things like allergies or infections. They do not have the proper training or equipment. Find out where your chiropractor was trained and what type of license she has. For some reason, chiropractic attracts a lot of scammers, and this sounds like one. You can't diagnose fungus without blood tests and labwork, and chiropractors aren't licensed to do that. If they think you have something like that, their LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY is to refer you to an MD or allergist.

Just to give you a comparison, dentists are often the first ones to notice signs of diabetes. If your dentist says, "I'm noticing a type of gum disease that is very commonly associated with diabetes. I want you to go see Dr. Jones this afternoon to get tested," that's a good thing. If your dentist says, "You have diabetes. I want you to go on a low-carb diet and take this herbal supplement," that's against the law and it could kill you. The chiropractor is the same situation. She can tell you what she THINKS you have, but she can't treat you for anything but joint and spine problems. See a medical doctor and tell that doctor about the chiropractor so that s/he can determine whether the chiropractor is breaking the law in your state and needs to be reported.

OPUSEVA Posts: 1,332
9/9/10 3:51 P

Sorry, but you've been scammed. No doubt the diagnosis of "fungus" was made on the basis of vague and irrelevant symptoms (Muscle testing? Seriously?) that are prevalent in the majority of people from time to time. A Chiropractor (alternative or otherwise) is not qualified to make such a diagnosis.

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9/9/10 3:31 P


SHERRY822 Posts: 3,739
9/9/10 2:18 P

I LOVE Doug Kaufman ! I actually found him after I started this journey, but the plan that I am on is quite similar to his phase one diet, except fruit, grains, and sweeteners like honey(local of coarse), agave, stevia, and unsulpherated molasses are allowed in the first phase of my plan, and they are not in Doug's. These items are added back in to Doug's phase two of his plan. I have not found the book yet other than his website, but I am looking for it. I am hoping I'll find it at my little used book store. He use to have a sample of the Phase One Diet on his website, but I just went there to get you the link, and it's gone. Here is the link to his site, if you'd like to look around.

9/9/10 9:57 A

Has anybody done the Phase One (DKaufmann's) diet? I have been seeing an alternative medicine Chiropractor, and she helped me to realize I had a LOT of issues going on that I didn't know about. One being that I am loaded with fungus. Which I totally see now, thanks to her. She did muscle testing on me to determine that, among other things. I've heard such mixed reviews on Doug Kaufmann and the Phase One diet, that I wanted to know if anybody here has worked with it before I go and spend $30-some odd dollars on a book, and then to find out it's the wrong book.

So if anybody has any information on him and or the Phase One diet, that would help me out very much!! I have included the link (below) to his website.

Thanks for all your time and efforts in reading and responding.


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