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4/13/10 2:14 P

Thanks =]

4/13/10 2:13 P

Thanks a bundle =]. That sounds delicious.

MORGNSGRL Posts: 465
4/13/10 6:42 A

I like to broil a piece of salmon with a little teriyaki glaze and have some veggies on the side. Super quick and easy!

REDKATANA Posts: 275
4/13/10 12:07 A

Breakfast can be anything you like, really. I'm not sure of any breakfast-friendly fish recipes, personally, but I hear that fish at breakfast time is fairly common in Great Britain (excuse me if my information is incorrect), so you might look at some British recipe sites for ideas.

I love tuna. I don't like mayo, so a can of tuna mixed with a bit of relish, hard-boiled egg, chopped celery, black olives, maybe some hot sauce (whatever you have on hand that you think would be tasty, really), goes great with some whole-wheat crackers. It takes only a few minutes to mix it all up and it's easily portable if you have a Tupperware container, so it makes a good lunch.

For dinner I like to toss some broccoli in my veggie steamer, and top a tilapia fillet or two with black pepper, a tiny bit of salt, some lemon or lime juice and a few stripes of sriracha (before cooking). It takes maybe 5 minutes to put together and 20 minutes to cook, and it tastes really good. As for the difficulty level, it's basically idiot-proof.

I also really like the Trident Seafoods brand salmon patties; you can get them at Costco. They're great if you want salmon but don't have the time and energy to prepare a fillet or a whole fish. And they're less than 200 calories. :)

4/12/10 11:49 P

I'm a pescetarian, meaning I don't eat any meats except for fish or safood, and I am also in school, so it's kind of hard for me to make meals that fit into my day and are pescetarian friendly. I need to be able to make a quick breakfast, a lunch that is packable, and an easy dinner (I'm not too much of a cook =]) If anyone has any tips, it would be greatly apreciated. BTW, my daily calorie plan is about 1,500, so I need it to fit in there, too. Thanks a million in advance =].

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