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7/12/12 12:38 P

I'm the same way as you. I got a trainer at 24. Best decision ever as two trainers I got took the time to get to know my goals, helped me reach it, and taught me a lot. Like others say, if they push supplements, walk away. But you should listen to what they say about food intake. Key is, though, I had a good talk with my trainer today, and just remember what you want to look like is subjective and it's best to pick someone you want to look like (hopefully not someone famous) and go from there. I finally got down below 200 and it was thanks to them because they pushed me and helped me get there. Plus, for me, if I throw in money into something (and training is $$$) I am going to make sure I get my money's worth.

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7/12/12 9:20 A

Awesome! Thanks everyone for your responses!

JEMPOWER Posts: 2,680
7/11/12 11:39 P

I've been using the personal trainer at the cancer center but since I've had my last treatment I only get 8 more weeks of personal training from the personal trainer at the cancer center. I think I'll interview some of the personal trainers at the wellness center when I am cleared of cancer.


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7/11/12 11:26 P

I am at the local YMCA and I love it. The trainers work for the gym, so you aren't 'owned' by any one trainer. Any of them are happy to help you out. Bonus, the program designs and program shows are free!

My main advice would be to make sure you get a trainer who listens to you. No point wasting your money on someone who is just going to get you to do things you don't want to do. For example, I told my trainer that I wanted to start using free weights over machines so I could use more stabilizing muscles. Not a problem. I told him that I was doing research and wanted to try high weight/low reps. He was more than happy to discuss the benefits with me, and to design a program around this.

You are the client, make sure your goals are known and that the trainer will help you to reach them!

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7/11/12 4:53 P

I'm an ACE CPT and recommend that you interview several trainers before making your choice. You need someone who will understand YOUR goals and work with you to achieve them in a safe and sensible way.
You can find ACE certified trainers in your area here:

7/11/12 3:58 P

Look at their certification and make sure it's up to date. The better ones are:

ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)
NASM - National Association of Sports Medicine
ACE - American Council on Exercise.

If your trainer doesn't have one of these three certifications (and up to date), I'd decline his or her services.

Also take into account how the trainer is with you - do they keep the conversation focused on you and your goals, asking more questions than anything else? If the trainer talks mostly about himself and tries to start pressuring you into a very strict, particular eating regimen with a bunch of supplements on the side, politely decline. That trainer is probably shady.

The only trainers who can give you specific eating plans HAVE to be certified in nutrition or be licensed registered dieticians. Otherwise they can legally only give you general eating guidelines, which is what you would find here on Spark.

Again - if they push supplements hard, walk away. Shady, shady, shady.

Make sure this person seems to have your best interests and your goals at heart. If the person is on their cell phone texting the whole time you're with him/her, walk away. A good trainer treats you like you are the ONLY client. They don't make you puke, they don't try to get you to buy a bunch of chemicals, and they don't push unsafe, restrictive nutrition plans unless they're shady.

I hope this helps.

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7/11/12 3:44 P

I'm interested in starting weight training, but I don't feel very confident about starting by myself. I thought a personal trainer would be a good way to familiarize myself with weight lifting.

Does anyone have any experience with personal trainers? What sort of qualifications should I look for in a personal trainer? Is the Y a good place to go for personal training?


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