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I've worked with personal trainers as well as work part time as a personal trainer.

What are you expecting to work or not work ? If you're expecting the PT to help you lose weight, then no it won't work. Any good PT will tell you up front that when it comes to losing weight, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit.

So, if you hired this PT to help you attain a fitness goal, then you should see some results if you're commited to making a change. but you can't expect miracles to happen with one session a month. It's a start, but do try to keep a realistic outlook. Your PT can only do so much with one session at a time.

A personal trainer is a tool a person can use to help them achieve their fitness goals. What a person gets out of a session is dependent on what they put in. Also, you don't have to like your trainer. Hiring a trainer is a very personalized thing. You may find you don't like this trainer and that doesn't make that person a bad trainer. You need to find the trainer that best suits your needs.

I also tell my clients that I could put them into a room with 15 different trainers. If you asked each one to create a program that would help you get fit, you'll get 15 different workouts.

So, do let your trainer know what it is that YOU want. otherwise, the trainer will give you a generic workout.

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Has anyone ever tried a personal trainer before? I just started with one session a month...not so sure this is going to work out and wanted some opinions. Thanks

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