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12/28/13 4:35 P

-Choose and consume only organic fruits and vegetables in accordance with dirty dozen list
-Eat only sustainable seafood in moderation and no meat of any kind
-Eat mindfully with consideration for optimal food combining
-Avoid eating any GMO food
-Go organic with all whole grains
-Never eat burnt food
-Always eat breakfast
-Whenever possible eat food locally grown and in season

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12/25/13 2:07 P

no seconds
look at your plate is it mostly vegetables? If it isn't then take something off and add more veg
have water with you in all places at all times
weigh the proteins
If you are dying for dessert - figure out what it is that will satisfy you - buy it - put three spoonfuls on a plate - throw the rest away down the garbage disposal before you take a bite (I usually can't stand the idea of throwing it away so I do not buy it in the first place, so this is a double edged sword)
no eating after 7PM

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12/25/13 10:28 A

Great rules!

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12/22/13 9:49 P

If you don't want to eat it (junk food), then don't bring it in the house.
If you don't want it in the house, don't go down that aisle in the grocery store.
If you buy quantities that are larger than one serving, divide it up into single serving sizes.
Take healthy snacks and water with you.

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12/21/13 12:15 P

It seems to me that we live by all kinds of "rules" that are somewhat subconscious. Think about your rules for sleeping - I always think that I gain something by sleeping later on days off. My husband thinks that no on should go to bed before midnight, and 1 or 2 am is better. I think that anything after 11:00 or 11:30 is late.

I was thinking about my personal eating and food rules, too. I have tried to create a list of the ones that I am using, and the ones that I'd like to use. I'm interested in learning the rules that other people have used, mostly to see if there are any that I am using that I haven't discovered, or any good ones I'd like to aspire toward.

Here they are:
Old Rules

• Eat everything on your plate
• If you put it on your plate, finish it
• Don’t throw food away
• Don’t eat the last of anything (goes with don’t use the last of anything)
• Save the best for last
• If you are bored, sad or tired, it’s ok to eat even if you aren’t hungry.

Preferred Rules

• Eat the bite you want first. Choose each bite
• Use a smaller plate
• Take less food
• It’s ok to throw away what’s left on your plate. It’s never more than a plate full.
• Don’t make extras of comfort foods for leftovers (like spaghetti).
• Don’t eat foods that make your stomach feel yucky. (like Kraft mac and cheese)
• Choose veggies for snacks
• Choose alternatives to enriched wheat flour
• Stop before you are stuffed
• If you aren’t hungry but want to taste something, take a very small bit and sit down and really taste it OR decide when you will have it later.

I can't wait to hear yours!

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